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Thursday, 7 November 2013

My second pink ribbon tattoo!

I got my second pink ribbon tattoo done yesterday and I love it!

It is placed on my chest to hide the very nasty scar I have from where the port-a-cath was placed. A port-a-cath is a small device they place under your skin in your chest with a tube going straight to your heart. It is used to administer the chemo. 
 Mine started to grow into my muscle and was causing physical damage so just a few months after my last treatment it was removed, so another cut on top of the barely healed scar resulted in an ugly scar that really bothered me.

So my tattoo was born!

Years ago I had already decided to get a swallow tattoo some day, some day just never came, I turned 40 and then decided I was too old for tattoos.

I'm 46 next month and you know what? I'm NOT too old! Lol apparently my skin is still perfectly suitable for ink!

I've already decided to get the top scar running from my breastbone to my armpit tattooed because wearing swimming suits it does show.
I'm going to get a branch of Japanese cherry blossom done there. Pink blossom of course!

I really liked the artist who did my tattoo yesterday so he is definitely doing my next one.

Hope to show you some of my own art soon! Still working on my art room!

Love & peace



  1. Love your swallow tattoo with a little twist! Beautiful! And so glad you're doing ok!

  2. You are never to old girl! It's a great tattoo and may it bring you much happiness and much good luck health wise. Nice to be designing with you on Lisa's DT!

  3. Welcome back Tanya...and welcome to the U.S. It is great to hear you are doing well and best of all creating. Congats on being on Lisa's design team...what a perfect match.


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