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Friday, 19 June 2009

my pretty girl

just checking in, letting you all know i'm not lettng myself go with this whole dystrophy thingy!!! actually, now that i know what it is i feel a little better in a strange way, even though the doc says it is the worst outcome of the options he had in mind, still, knowing is way better than feeling like a complete whimp with unknown pains and aches and stuff, you know?
i'm taking meds for the osteoporosis part, i'm doing new painless exercices to strengthen my muscles, i get cool massages to drain fluid from my foot and leg, we are tackling this thing!!! lol

so anyway, one of my chicks from class came to play on Tuesday, she had a little book to finish, we had lots of laughs and a nice chat. i need to have chicks around more often!!!
here is her finished book, she loves it and so she should, she made a really beautiful trip down memory lane. totally handmade, bound with bind-it-all, her first little book! cool huh!

Yesterday i finally got to finish this little girl, i started her a while back, i can tell cos my mouths are changing now so i'm not totally happy with this one anymore but never the less, i finished her, and i like her! 12x24 inches, my favourite size to paint on.

i added a little metal embossed heart, ten second studios metal, i love it! getting myself really into this metal embossing and thought it would be cool to use in my mixed media paintings!

the cool thing about mixed media is that there are no rules or limitations! just fun and experimenting and mixing and letting things go wrong sometimes and still loving it! my kind of art!

my pretty girl is ready to take on the world and even though it hurts sometimes it still feels good!

bit of a message to myself in this one so i am keeping her close.

( the words are cut out of a pretty sassy mag that i 'borrowed' from my son's desk haha! shhhh don't tell him!)

at the moment i'm working on a little project with sticky back canvas, i'll show when finished, if i decide i like it haha!
it's just fun to be playing a bit more again, letting go, all part of the letting go.
so, off to my paints, coffee and ipod docked into the speaker system to let my favourite music fill the room, make me move a bit ( there are still parts of me that move smoothly lol)
a bit of Green Day, Foo Fighters and Red Hor Chili Peppers will do the trick!!!
love you all, thanks for the caring comments on my blog! xox
hope you will all have a day as wonderful as the one i'm having!
xox tanya


  1. I'm so glad to hear you sounding better. It is true that no matter how bad the news, somehow we feel better knowing so we can deal with it. Enjoy your weekend! BTW, I LOVE your latest creation!

  2. Wow, I was lost in the beauty of your painting...those colors are yummy.
    I agree too that knowing what those aches and pains mean is much better than wondering what in the hell they could be. Hope you're finding comfort in your therapy and massages.

  3. Love this one too! I'm going to have to look into that "ten second studio metal"....

    Glad you are feeling better and rather enjoying your therapy!! I want a massage too!! Especially my feet and legs!! But alas, not today. Busy chauffeuring my DD around town. Horse class, ice skating, a friends house... What the heck?? I want to have some fun too!! I must come home and create something while she's out skating!!

    Back soon....


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