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Monday, 15 June 2009

not too happy

well, i got the results from the bone scan and i already knew there was something to be seen and now i know what and i am not at all happy today (to say the least)

apparently the patch to be seen was osteoperosis due to Algoneurodystrophy or othewise known as syndrome of Sudeck (post-traumatic Dystrophy or reflex sympathic dystrophy ) so many names for the same condition. in easy words it means that my sympathic nerve system decided to go crazy after the operation last year in September. why on earth it has taken them this long to even see this goes beyond me and i really am pretty mad about this. and seeing i am apparently in stage 2 of this condition it might not even ever heal, but let's not think of that just yet, one thing at a time.

well,... now i stand where i stand i will just have to deal with it, and don't think i'm being tough, i cried today, i did, i had too, had to get it out.
but now, a few hours later, better informed i know that i am looking at many more months of rehabilition, pain, meds for the osteoporosis, exercises, ...

all the stress i have been thtough the last few months has not helped with this condition, seeing it involves my sympathic nerve system all stress should be avoided! yeah right!

well anyway, i know that there are a few of you who wanted to know so now you kinda know as much as me :)

see still al ittle smile

it'll take a lot more to get me down!
xox tanya


  1. It's very brave of you to share something so close to you. You have an awesome attitude and just remember that 'God never gives us more than we can handle'. At least, I truly believe that and I find a little comfort in knowing it to be true:)

  2. You go girl!! NOTHING can bring you down! Don't let it!! If you feel you need a shoulder to lean on, I've got one! Right around the corner!! **wishful thinking** But seriously, you know how to contact me. Thinking of you, and praying you get some relief from the pain. Avoid the stress as much as you can, though I know that's not always possible:)
    Here's a big hug for you - {{{{{TANYA}}}}}

  3. hey meid,
    klinkt niet zo goed
    wens je het beste hopelijk valt pijn enzo onder controle te houden
    dikke knuffel natacha xxxxxx

  4. You are sooo brave, Tanya!!! I know so damn well how you're feeling right now, I have a dystrophic disease of my spine that started out of the blue more than ten years ago and had three
    surgical operations since then. Now is a bit better. But you know what? I discovered and learned that the power of our minds is fantastic and really and truly help us! Your attitude towards your illness is incredibly important! Nothing can bring us down if we don't allow it! And don't forget that everything is perfectly balanced and after rain the sun will shine again! Faith in God and making art will help the healing process! And Tanya, try and read Paulo Coelho's books, they really worked wonders in keeping my spirits up and helped a lot fighting the stress! Take good care of you and keep thinking positive! A big, warm hug for you, Sanda xx

  5. Hallo Tanya,

    wens je veel beterschap toe!

    Groetjes uit maldegem
    Sandra X

  6. Hello Tanya,

    when I read this I feel sad too... my mom fell with her bicycle 5 years ago and broke her wrist. She kept having pain and her hand was white and looked dead... I
    t took a while before the doctors admitted she had developed Sudeck because of the broken wrist ( it was her therapist who said she had Sudeck before the doctor knew what it was...)

    She could't use her hand for months and the pain stayed a long time. With practice she can close her fingers more, but not completely, so sometimes things fall out of her hand. Luckily it was her left hand and NOT her right hand she uses to draw and paint ! I think it would have driven her mad...

    Now after 5 years I don't hear her complain anymore about the pain. She can use her hand but not like it was earlier and when she hits her hand, then it hurts a lot, but mostly not anymore.

    It is like you wrote : your symphatic nerve system goes in overdrive and yes, stress is NOT good for it.
    My mom is a tough lady and she often bite her lip, but that was not good. Pain sustains the whole system and you may take a painkiller if it hurts ! So, don't always try to be the tough lady...

    It's like Sanda from Ireland says : don't let it get you down ! The power of the mind is mighty.
    Give it time to heal and it problably will go better : you may not dance in "Dance of the lords" anymore, but I DO believe you will be able to go where you want to go and that the pain will finally go away.
    I really wish this for you !



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