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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

checking in

oh dear i haven't really taken time to blog! and i recieved a lovely award from Sanda but still need to put it on here and choose some wonderful blogs to pass it on to, but not today, i am so tired :)

The kids are home for the holidays so i'm spending lots of time with them, making art at night most of the time but missing out on a bit of sleep lol

i painted this Queen yesterday and sat up till late embossing her dress and crown from Ten seconds Studio metal, i love that stuff, i used Claudine Hellmuth paints and Tim's stamps for the background and then added Grungeboard wings.
voila! my shortest post ever! and now i might take a little cat nap ... lol
have a great week!!!! do some fun things!!! ( you now know i probably won't be blogging till next week haha!)


  1. wow Tanya,

    your really made already a lot of paintings !
    I like the layering in the face. Did you emboss the metal by drawing on it ?
    I watched a video of them a while ago. Do you know if Hobbyfarm has their stuff or did you order it online ?


  2. yeah inge, you draw on the metal with a tool and then flip ove and sand to take the colour off
    i would love hobbyfarm to get the metal but as it is now i actually went to uk to get it lol, but of course you can but online :) i just wanted to visit my freind lin (we were at Ranger together) see link at side: yours artfully, is lin's blog, her site might be still down at the moment but go check, she is distributer for europe and she is a great help when you need to know something!

    xox tanya

    thanks for ur feedback on the Sudeck :)

  3. Hi Tanya
    If it's as HOT in your part of the world as it is here no wonder you're tired!!! It was 46 degrees yesterday!
    Your painting is obviously a self portrait as you are a Queen of craft - I don't just think so I know so. It's so beautiful with those oh so wistful eyes so it just must be you.
    Take care and don't overdo things
    Big hugs Sue xxxx

  4. Hey there!! Just got back (from the mountains of Montana)... returned to this wicked (Arizona) heat!! It is certainly too hot to do much. I guess I'll use the time to catch up on email, blogs, etc. I'll post some pics from our trip, soon..... Hubby leaves tomorrow for at least 2 weeks. I should have some spare time then... Time to hang by the pool with the cherub!!!

  5. Hi Tanya,

    Your queen is great, love all the little details on her dress and love the warrior of light a lot as well!!! By the way, I just found Coelho's website and thought you'll enjoy to visit it, so here is the adress http://paulocoelhoblog.com/. He has some free e-books as well that you can download!
    So happy to see that your are taking Suzi Blu's class, she's really great, isn't she? See you there,
    Lots of love and hugs,
    Sanda xx

  6. Hi Tanya,
    Just to ask how are you?
    Lots of love,
    Sanda xx

  7. Hello Tanya,

    you have been quiet for a month ! Is everything OK with you ?


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