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Saturday, 8 August 2009

long time no see

oh dear i have been a bad blogger!!!
and i have been recieving emails about this... sorry that i was worrying some of you!

i am fine! nothing major going on really, still at the therapist with the stupid foot that has bene giving me a bit more grief due to the warm weather and me maybe walking around on it a little too much! i admit! so i am on crutch most of the time.

what have i ben up to? well still drawing faces in the portrait class, i am way behind on all the wonderful mixed media Suzi is showing us but at least i am drawing pretty noses and full lips lil

a few friends came o play last week, we made exploding boxes, nohing too difficult to ensure us enough talking and laughing time, we had a good day and will repeat it again in two weeks time

while the kids were at their dad i had e few eveings of fun and mojitos at the street festival in Gent, no more mojitos for me! let me tell you!
i had a few evenings out with friends, a shopping trip to antwerp with my friend MP.
i've been reading lots, going to the film,taking the kids to playgrounds and theme parks, lots of swimming for my foot,going out for dinner, not much home cooking been going on around here, been to the hairdresser, went on a date (no details however lol except that i am so not ready to go on dates lol)... all fun things but not really much to blog about you must agree :)

mind you i have been productive too! i finished a magazine article on Ranger's Utee, i am also preping for September and October, not all lazy bones!!

so as you see my lovely followers, i have been up to loads of non-blogable things lol

hope you are all fine! i really must admit at the same time that i have not looked at any blogs this last month so if i have not responded to things do not take it personally! i have not been at my computer much, that is the only reason, i know i have probably missed much but that is how it is.

have a great weekend and i hope to hear you all soon, well att least at the end of the Summer haha!

thanks to all you wonderful chicks mailing me! soooo sweeeeeet! xxxxx big hugs and kisses ladies

love! tanya ( not checked for typos lol!)


  1. Hi Tanya,
    So happy to here from you!!!:):):)
    I'm soo relieved and glad that everything is going on well for you! It seems that you had a really good time and enjoyed it! Well done!
    Lots of love, have a great weekend,
    Sanda xx

  2. Hi Tanya, glad you are okay. I pop in periodically and I was wondering.

    Sounds like life is good, but busy. Enjoy! (And take care of that foot!

  3. Hey my friend! I've been missing from the blog world a bit myself. Lots going on. I'm sure things will settle now that school started. YES! Today was the first day! She was soooo ready! Totally bored with summer. Glad you have been enjoying the time with the kids - and without. Keep working on that foot!! XOX

  4. Hey Tanya so nice to have you back! So glad to hear all is well and you have been busy creating.


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