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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Prince Charming...

Prince Charming, as i see him... not that i am in any way waiting on a Prince Charming lol, i just thought it would be cool to give him a go since i am doing another Suzi class :)) and need to practice side view faces! so here is my first ever, i 'm not drawn to side views so much because i get less eye to play with and for me it's all about the eyes in my faces but having tried this i probably will do a few more and then practice some 3/4 views too, always something new to learn and that is what i love about drawing and painting!and then there i this painting 'Passion' commisioned by my friend Esther, a beautiful redhead herself so she loves my girls & angels
this one is no angel, seeing the text she wanted put on was a touch sassy lol i figured it was best to make her a goddess instead :))

ok, short post, the weather is way too nice to be sitting in and the sun too bright to take the laptop out lol
so have a brilliant day & whatever you are up too, i hope you are having fun!!
talk soon!
love & peace
tanya xx


  1. These are really awesome, Tanya, I love them both! nd the backgrounds are fab too!
    Enjoy the sunshine,
    Lots of love, Sanda xoxo

  2. Tanya, your sideview is amazing! I know exactly what you're saying though. Sideviews are my weakest point but I like to think that its because it is also my least favorite point, lol. Excellent use of colors too btw :)

  3. THis is really amazing! I love your blog, and your wark is so very wonderful!!


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