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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Paolo Nutini - What a Wonderful World

i love Paolo's version of this great song!!

i'm lucky to be going to see him 25th of August!! i hope i'll be okay because i have back surgery planned for 4th of August, soooo not looking forward to that at all but it looks like i have no choice!! My eldest daughter is coming to help me out.

i had a full home security system intalled in the house! there were a few burglaries in the area a week ago and not that i am scared but it feels safer sleeping with the alarm on believe me.

i'm off to spain for two weeks in a couple of days for some fun, sun and my friend Sue!! :)) but first TWILIGHT NIGHT with my friend MP :)) 3 films in a row and meeting some of the actors, sadly not 'edward' lol.

happy Summer to you all, i might pass by my blog over the Summer but i am not making any promises :)

love & peace xxx tanya


  1. All my best to you with your upcoming surgery. I know those things can be scary. Thinking of you!

  2. Hi,

    Ik kwam toevallig op je vorige blog uit en zag dat jij ook lessen bij Suzi Blu hebt gehad. Ik ben er onlangs ook aan begonnen en ik vind het geweldig. Maar omdat ik helemaal niet ben op dit gebied heb ik geen flauw idee hoe ik aan sommige materialen kan komen. Waar haal ik bv van de houten paneeltjes vandaan waar ze op schildert? Van de bouwmarkt? Heb jij een tip?

    Groetjes Reina

  3. Oeps, en ik bedacht me net, misschien wil je mailen. Mijn mailadres is rcvandijk@upcmail.com


  4. The Twilight marathon sounds like such a blast! have a fun trip.

  5. Hello Tanya,

    have a nice trip and enjoy every moment of it ! take care of your body and I wish you a succesfull surgery. I keep my fingers crossed you're out of pain soon...

    greetings from Waarschoot

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  8. Just dropped by to say Hello...good luck with your back surgery!


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