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Thursday, 12 August 2010

post op update

hi i'm back home!! well i got home on Monday but haven't had the enegry to write until today! it's had typing while laying on my side, two-finger typing :)
the op went well, i still feel my toes lol! seriously? the whole first week was hell, pain more than i would have imagined, second night my morphin pump packed in and was dripping onto my bed instead of into my arm! i was in total agony and cried the whole night until i felt the drip next to my head and called the nurse! it was too late! i was beyond finding comfort then and needed a muscle relaxant to calm my body down then mrs pain nurse came later that day and said: oh you had a good night! you only pumped morphin from 6am!!! i could have throttled her!!!
well anyway, on day three i was allowed to do some steps! yay for that! i felt human again! instead of feeling like a washed up whale!!!

im feeling better little by little, still hard to move, i have to get up in a certain way, no strength in my back muscles, can't turn my back what so ever but i guess that will get better when i start rehab half September..... i'm sick of lying down, sitting hurts too much, i can do that only for a few minutes at a time. i'm so scared i'll mess up the screws in my back! it just freaks me out they are there!!! i am now know as titanium lady for my friends lol titanium disc and plates screwed into my backbones nice huh! :s

im totally bored!!! i so want to paint or something but i need to be a good girl and rest for the first three weeks let all their handywork settle in my back and then start finding out what i can and can't do.
no household work for at least three months, not even peel patatoes!!! pffff i feel useless to be honest! luckily i have wonderful kids, inez & bart are helping me out loads and as from next week i will have a caretaker 4 hours a day to do all the mammy work around the house because then the littlies are back home.

at the same time i feel loved!! lots of friends came to the hospital, phonecalls! even from spain and seattle( thx diane xx) flowers all over my house :) my old lady neighbour came by this morning with beautiful flowers, she had so missed me she said, sooooo sweet!

ok, it was a post of complaining and frustration! i won't make an art of it lol!
wait till i get back in full swing! give me a few months!!! i have ideas and i'm jotting them down!!!

ok, i'm tired and my two fingers hurt haha so adios for now

love & peace!! and take care of that back! bend through your knees to pick things up :))



  1. So glad to hear that you're back home and seems like the surgery may have worked. I know only time will tell. Nice that you have so many friends and folks to help you out. It's so hard to sit/lay around when you know there are things to be done. Take your time and let it heal, no matter how boring it all is! At the end of the day (months!) you will be better and you can get back to your normal, but improved, life!! Big (but very gentle!!) hugs to you!!

  2. Oooh I'm wincing at the thought of it all. Ouch! Hope you feel lots better very soon. Remember to be a good girl and do as the doctor says :-) I'm feeling your frustration that you can't get on with some art ... keep those ideas logged for when you feel better.
    Next week I'm off to Spain on family hols. Guess who I am going to see?!

  3. Hun, hope you are resting and feeling a little more human this week:)
    Hugs to you from across the sea

  4. Dag Tanya !

    Dorien en ik zaten vandaag samen en ze vroeg hoe het met je was. Ik vertelde dat je geopereerd werd en dat ik nog niets meer wist.
    Toch maar eens checken op je blog :)

    Goed te horen dat de operatie goed gelukt is. Dat is toch al een grote...
    Toch jammer dat je zoveel pijn hebt gehad ! Je hebt de laatste 2 jaar toch al wat moeten verduren..
    Je schrijft : door je knieën buigen als je iets oppikt... maar ik denk dat het met jouw rug ook verkeerd is gegaan doordat je altijd moest compenseren voor je pijnlijke voet.. Hoe is het daar trouwens mee ?

    Amai, 3 maanden geen huiselijke taken.... Lijkt leuk, maar ik kan me voorstellen dat je het uiteindelijk liever zelf allemaal doet. Geef je gasten maar een extra pluim omdat ze zoveel helpen ! Lijkt "normaal", maar voor jonge gasten is dit toch wel een echte extra en ze doen het toch maar hé.
    Hopelijk heb je een goeie hulp in huis om alles een beetje te beredderen.

    Voorlopig ook geen workshops zeker ? Gaat je workshop op scraptastic door ? Zou het volledig begrijpen als het nog niet kan. Dat is immers al binnen een maandje.

    Luister maar goed naar wat de dokters zeggen en naar je lichaam, want je hebt een sterke wil, maar als het lijf niet mee wil...

    Hopelijk kan je je een beetje bezig houden.

    Allé, de groetjes en ik ben blij dat ik weet dat je op de goeie weg bent

  5. Glad to hear you can still feel your toes...and to hear all went well. TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!


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