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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

getting there

i can't believe i haven't written since March! life has just been passing me by mostly.
i am done with the chemo, so happy to be able to say that! it was long and hard but it's over!!
now i'm doing the radiotherapy, 8 more goes of the 26 i needed so that too is nearly done with!
my hair is starting to grow back, i have peach fuzz on my head lol, the kids call me fluffy!
my body still aches, i'm still extremely tired most days but i'm happy and hopeful.
i don't know the outcome yet, my first tests are in August, a painful wait but i'm just going to live and try not to think about it!
right, short post, i just wanted to update because alot of people have been getting worried, wondering how i have been doing.
oh, last week i started to paint, i'll show when i'm finished.
love & peace
tanya xxx


  1. Hey Tanya, I'm so glad you blogged. So pleased that you have the worst of the chemotherapy over with. You have done so well to get through it all. I'm keeping everything crossed for you, that your test results will be good in August. In the meantime keep painting! It's great therapy, and you must be feeling a bit better to be even doing it :-) Thinking of you, and sending you lots of good wishes xxx

  2. So happy to hear something of you! I was wondering how you we're doing and now I know. Hope the radiation isn't giving you to much trouble, hope everything goes well!
    I'm going to pray for a good outcome for you in august!
    Hugs Céline

  3. Heerlijk om weer van je te lezen!! Vind het bewonderenswaardig hoe je met alles omgaat en heb heel veel respect voor je. Komende sept hoop ik je te zien in België bij de scraptastic dagen..
    heel veel sterkte nog voor de komende tijd..ik denk aan je.
    Liefs Jolande

  4. happy to see you again on the web

  5. glad for the update on your treatment and progress. sending good karma for your tests in august. glad you are painting. i think it's key to continue to do the things you love despite the treatments. not always as easy done, as said, i know. but it's the mantra another good friend lives by. peace and hugs to you!! XOX

  6. I just wanted to say hang in there, and aren't you doing well! Have been reading your blog and have been touched by your bravery. So glad you are starting to paint, when creativity returns it is not only good for the mind and body but the soul as well. Very very best wishes, thinking of you.Barb xx

  7. We have missed you!!! You really are an inspiration. I can't wait to see your work again.

  8. I have been checking your blog daily since you wrote in March until the last 3 days I've worked a lot of overtime (come home fall in bed and get up and do it again). I am just thrilled that you are done with that miserable chemo and almost done with radiation. You are one tough brave woman and make me proud to be one! You make me appreciate every day, every hour. I can't wait to see what you're painting - sending you love and hugs - so good to have you back ;-)

  9. Hi, i stumbled onto your blog when i was checking out the scraptastic site, and find myself not able to leave here without posting a comment! I'm a scrapper myself, and was diagnosed with breastcancer in oktober 2009. Had a mastectomy, chemo and additional treatment, and i'm still dealing with the effects of the treatment (mental and physical). So... i can relate with a lot your're going through... words seem sometimes so cheap, but still: i wish you all the best... hang in there, and if you'd like to drop me a line, feel free! And feel free not to, if you don't feel like it!
    Good luck!


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