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Friday, 24 February 2012

buying a bikini soon!

hi everyone, i'm back with an update...

first of all i got good results on my cancer tests last week so 9 months cancer free now :)

i had my first visit to the plastic surgeon and i was so nervous for that but my friend Esther went with me and helped me over my nerves and gave me moral support.
the surgeon is a wonderful man, very calm, understanding and he really took his time to explain all the options for my reconstruction.
I already knew really well how i wanted it done and he quickly got that i was well informed and had made my decision a long time ago so he didn't send me home to think over the options...
he sent me home with a date!!!!
9 th of May i am having my reconstruction!!!!!
i was so happy, i cried, seriously i thought i would have to wait a lot longer but MAY?!
it's only 10 weeks away, i can hardly believe it.
i am scared to death of the surgery but at the same time looking forward to having it all done.
so first part of reconstruction is in May and the second part about 3 months later.
it's going to be a heavy year again but in a very different way than last year, i got through the whole treatment so i will get through this too!!

the only drawback is the cost!!!!
even after insurance i still have to pay so much money out of pocket, money i simply haven't got, it's not really easy to build up the piggy bank with all the medical costs I've been facing :(
my daughter Inez and bff Esther have started up a sale of my art on t-shirts to raise some money to help me out with my reconstruction, they are so sweet!!!
you can find the details on my art page on facebook
rusty angel art
or email me wattstanya@skynet.be
(sorry, i tried to add link but it didn't work so just copy & paste)
i will pass your mail on to Inez to deal with.

Iam sooooooo happy to have come this far and this Summer...
i will have a flat tummy seeing they are using it to construct my new breast
so hey after all i've been through i might as well get something good out of it and enjoy it :)

love & peace
Tanya xxx

this is just one of the shirts you can choose from.
they are great quality, i have already got 2 myself and love them, of course i'm not objective, after all it's my own art haha, but seriously they are great.


  1. I am so so happy for you! Glad you like the surgeon,that's huge. You'll make it through like the champ you are ;-)

  2. Well I am not going on holiday with you !! Flat tummy and bog boobs, I will look rather dull next to you !! Great news !!

  3. Yippie...glad to hear such great news!


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