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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

New beginnings!

I've been away a long time and it was high time I restarted my blog! So here goes.

A lot of things have been going on in my life, breast cancer, as some of you already know. Well after all the treatment and a year of reconstructive surgeries I was left exhausted, unmotivated and with no desire to make much art. It was a sad dark place to be but I had to get through it.
I'm not totally there yet but I can feel the butterflies if inspiration fluttering through me and now that I have all my art supplies back I feel ready to get paint and ink moving again.

Oh yeah, I made the big move from Belgium to the US.
Living in South Carolina is challenging and new and different and does take some getting used to but it is also inspiring and beautiful.

Last week we finally received all our household goods after a nine week wait!!! Military moves don't go very fast!!!. So I'm slowly but surely getting my art room ready, still loads to unpack, I think we are almost halfway through the 370 boxes that are packed up to the ceiling!

It is exciting to open the boxes with my art supplies, I'm like a kid on Xmas morning! Lots of ohhhhs and aaahhhhs when I rediscover my inks and paints and paper and canvas and and every single piece of treasure.

I hope you start my new life with me and follow me on my new journey, I should say y'all really lol
So Y'all come back soon to see my art and follow my life as a Belgian Brit in South Carolina!
Love & peace


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