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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

angel in disguise

remember this painting? yesterday they were ordinary sisters! at least in my fantasy that's what they were! then i realized that big sis is an angel in disguise, i wish i had a big sis to share my sorrows and my happiness with

you can see the sis just coming through, underneath her angelic appearance she is still just a normal girl being there for her little sis in times of need and times of joy.
I do like how my painting has changed, i love her angelic hair, the glitter (Ranger GLITZ Stickles rubbed out with my finger) i punched little metal foil flowers, i added Ranger Glitz stickles to the irises, very sparkly but i like it alot, it love shining in their eyes! how's that for an explanation hihi! i'm still looking for the right text to put on my painting but it hasn't come to me yet, yes it must come to my to be right.
what else do i want to tell... oh yes! i bought the latest CD of KEANE , Perfect Symmetry! it is brilliant let me tell you! i needed to get into it at first but after listening a few times, i'm in love with it! it is superb! really, trust me on this!
oh yes, KKD, i will be demoing Ranger for Kars at KKD, The Netherlands in February 2009
and i'll be demoing Peel-off at SMAC Paris in March as i did last year! so shop owners out this in your agenda and pay me a visit! and SUZE we are doing some beading for sure :-)
ohhhh and this!!!!! my dear dear friend and fellow Ranger Educator Sue Clifford sent me a parcel!!!! with goodies, presents and cards and a challenge! so today i liked the postman, usually he brings me bills and then i don't find him so nice, sorry, i can't help it hihi! but today he got a smile out of me (he does other days too, i'm just kidding!)
i will photograph everything tomorrow and post! the challenge! we send eachother strange or found objects and challenge the other to do something artsy with them! it's fun! it's connecting!
strange how some people are friends from the start! thanks SUE xxx
okay! past midnight here in little old Belgium, i must get some kind of beauty sleep, i'm starting to stay up way too late, i become active in the evening, artsy actieve, not witchy active, i do live in HEKS! that is the Dutch/Flemish word for WITCH! how's that for a name?
Sleep tight! listen to your angels as you sleep, i wish you all a beautiful Xmas or Happy whatever you are celebrating
i have so much to be thankful for! i will come back on that before the New Year! i think it is important to express gratitude, so i will....


  1. I love what you did with the big sister, she makes a great angel!

  2. Tanya, you are so funny. You LOVE HIM and you know it...I love the old Metallica, and Depeche Mode...like you...so you should like HIM too! I will work on you until you are brainwashed. Your daughter must be wonderful...3 out of my 4 kids love HIM...so they must be good! Ha. I think I will stop by the Netherlands for a Ranger class by you. :) Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi, Tanya. I love the changes to the big sis. She's perfect as an angel...and the "former self" does show through nicely. Have a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  4. Hello Tanya,

    happy X-mas !
    Wow : you've been busy painting ! I made two girls, but didn't come around to start another one...:(
    the painting is very nice : you're girls look very nice ( I thought you said you couldn't draw ?...), I like the colors, the sparkles ( who could have guessed I would ever like glitter;..), but I also like the idea of the big sister as a guardian angel !
    Good idea to use stickles... but you're a Ranger addict so you should do something with it in everything you create..:)

    I finally started to make Tim's tags... I bought way too much at Hobbyfarm ( my poor budget..), but I really couldn't resist and the masks and distress stickles are sooo good ...


  5. Merry Christmas Tanya
    Glad your goodies arrived safely. I haven't been able to post lately as the computer hasn't been able to get the internet but a man came yesterday to fix it and we are now back in the loop!!WWWhheeyy!!
    Your girl paintings just get better and better. I love what you have done to Debbie's boots. All the best techniques come from happy accidents!
    BTW - The cherub punch I put in because I thought Estee would like it.
    I hope you are feeling better - you have been off colour for too long now. E-mail me your sorrows. A sorrow shared is a ........ you know.
    Loads of love and hugs Sue xxxxxx

  6. Wish you and your family warm X-mas days and a joyful and healthy 2009.

  7. Back again just to say Merry Christmas!!!

  8. Ha ha I have a love/hate relationship with my postie too! Just love the painting :-) There is a well deserved blog award for you over on my blog if you choose to accept it :-)


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