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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

bye bye 2008

it's way past one o'clock in the morning here in Belgium so it's the last day of the year, what a year it has been! a rollercoaster of up's and downs and it's not because i'm ending the year on a bit of a down that i'm ungrateful for all that i have had this past year.

i am ever so grateful for my kids! as a single mum it isn't always the easiest job in the world

but i love being their mum and i wouldn't want it any other way! we are a good team and we are us!

i am so grateful for all the opportunities that i have had this past year! Meeting Tim Holtz in the Netherlands, meeting Suze Wienberg in Paris, attending Ranger U! attending is not the right word! being part of Ranger U is better because it was an over all experiance! it was brilliant and one of my major highlights of 2008

meeting new friends: lisa, , diane, jacky, patty, michelle rb, micheal, SUE!!!, lindy, claudine,
patty p, barb, SUZI, michelle w, inge, connie, kathryn, lin, leandra, linda...

ohhh i shouldn't try and make a list! it is way too long and i can only forget people and that is not what i want to do!

i think the people who have been part of my life will know who they are!

i am grateful for my friends old and new, personal and professional, artistic, non-artistic,...

i am grateful to Hobbyfarm, Katrien & Evelien! for the great way we have worked together! we have more of that in 2009!!!

i am grateful for everyone who took classes with me this past year! it was a great year with you all and i hope you join me in 2009! i have a lot more in store for you all!

i'm thankful for facebook! i met up with some famliy members in England that i hadn't heard from in ages, since we were kids even!

i'm thankful for my own ability to jump back up whenever things go wrong, believe me, some major things did go wrong in 2008, i'm still dealing with them but i'm a happy single me and i'm okay about it so what the heck! i'm grateful for all life has in store for me, i kind of learn from everything! i hope! i really do hope!

i'm grateful that i still have my faith in people.

my health! okay different matter, my ankle had been a pain this year! literally! it still is causing me grief but there are far worse things in life so i really won't complain! it didn't keep me from travelling to the US to go to Ranger now did it! tough cookie this woman!!!!

i'm grateful that i still seem to be pulling it off, earning my money with my artistic abilities and teaching skills, isn't that just great! okay, i needed a part time job to get me through the financial terror of 2008 but i haven't been doing that job for months now with my ankle surgery and all and we are still alive and kicking! we have food on the table. i'm proud! i honestly am!

okay! you all get the message! i'm grateful! and believe me when i tell you that i take nothing for granted! i thank my stars and angels for all the help they give to me on my journey. I smile every morning no matter what went on yesterday or might lay on my path today or tomorrow!


so what have i been up to these last few days! first of all i've been in major pain! my back is stuck, my neck is stuck, i can barely walk, but that's not what i want to show you!

i have finished my Goth Doll painting (30x60cm), really finished! i added wonderful Diamond Black stickles to the crow (or is it a raven, Tim?) it has a beautiful sparckel to it now, i love it! , i added some sparkle to her eyes and lips and parts of her dress! i added a spider's web with Tim's masks!!!

it's finished, my daughter loves it, her friends love it, i'm a happy mammy :-)

i worked on the smaller painting 30x20 cm, the doll has changed loads now, i don't know if i'm done with it yet, time will tell.

i started drawing twin sisters, not identical twins however, 2 girls a taught for soooo long, well i'm painting them for their mum, a present

oh ! and i recieved another Lovely Award a few days ago from Kathryn, i've talked about het before but please go and check out her blog if you already haven't! Thanks for ths Award!!!! i really appreciate it! i need to pass it on to 7 others and i am stll thinking about who i want to put in the spotlight! i hope i find time in the coming days to come back on that!

that was it really! i need to get that beauty sleep now!

i want to wish you all the most wonderful 2009! let's believe we will get the CHANGE we need and are hoping for!

a big hug to you all out there! xox Tanya


  1. Happy New Year, Tanya!! I keep checking into your blog. Love to see what you're up to. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Tanya,

    a good morning, hmmm it's 10.54 AM... anyway a happy first new years day !!

    I hope 2009 isn't as tough for you as 2008 so it makes it a bit easier for you.... I'm happy to read that it doesn't effect your joy in life and your strenght to go on !

    Your paintings look awsome : I think I must give it a go and start again on painting girls...

    Until a new meeting in 2009 !!

  3. Hey Tanya, I think the whole world is hoping for a better 2009. But you are right we all need to remind our selves of the things in our live we are grateful for.

  4. Wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to see you in February at Hobby Farm.


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