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Monday, 1 December 2008

the flu!

ooohhh my poor head! and my whole body is in aching pain... i have the flu!
i got my shopping done today so i don't need to leave the house anymore!

i recieved a lovely award from Kenneth! thank you Kenneth! i'll put it on my blog later this week and choose 8 others to pass it on to
i won't be doing much else this week!

today is the last day to get on my Xmas card list! don't forget tha 1 lucky person recieves a gift, chosen at random! all names in a hat hihi! oooh my head!!! i'm off to lie down poor poor me :-) it even hurts to smile...

and i soooo wanted to put my Xmas tree up! ohhh this is a first! i've never had my tree not up on December 1st!!! ohhhhhh... maybe tomorrow or the next day!
it is an important job finding the perfect " not perfect" tree, i hate perfect trees you see! mine needs to have "character" some strange twist of nature or something, like 2 tops or a weird bend, as long as it's a fat tree! i love short fat trees ooohhh i sooo wanted to put up my tree put my head is honestly pounding away it even hurts to type, the keys are slamming under my skull!!!

okay! off to lie down... yes with a hot cup of tea!!! you know me!


  1. sue.artyfacts@hotmail.com1 December 2008 at 19:22

    Hi Tanya
    Sorry to hear you're so poorly. I always reckon a hot toddy is pretty good for getting rid of the aches and pains of flu.
    Were you not doing a workshop this weekend - did you manage to do it?
    I will try to get a pick you up in the post this week but you'll have to wait and see what it is - illness is no excuse for peeking!!!
    Look after yourself and speak soon
    Love and hugs Sue xx

  2. hello Tanya,

    I guess your flu is very favorite for the moment.... I have headaches since past thursday and I'm feeling queasy now and then, but not sick enough to stay home from work.... My eldest son had the same symptoms past weekend...

    But you having the flu has a good thing about it.... it keeps you véry quiet and that's what your ankle needs....

    But I still wish you recover quickly, cause I know how ennoying it is to be sick ! ( I hate it too !!)

    Being sick means you can't create and that's a drug a need too :)


  3. ohh sue!!! i do like suprises but hints are still welcome! i'm sure my head is doing me in that mutch that i won't even get the clue hihi! ' yeah sure!) okay i'll must be patient and wait, poooooor me!

    inge, too right i need my creating drug! luckily i'm still able to jot things down, my head is still capable of ideas, pffff thank goodness for t hat! i just can't sit still! and too right about my ankle! the therapist wasn't really happy today with my swollen leg!

    xx t

  4. Tanya, Inge and your therapist are right...rest that leg..sooner you get it better..sooner you get to drive...freedom...remember that!!!!!Loadsa love Sue xx

  5. luek dat je nog eens kangskwam
    nja dat boekje was heel leuk
    maar de kleuren zou liever wat vrolijkere kleuren willen `maar kzal nog eens een nieuwe maken zo kan ik de tech nog beetje inoefenen

    gr en je moet maar langskomen he x


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