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Friday, 20 November 2009

talking in pictures

blinged my laptop! silver Paintdabber, uhu Ranger of course! used the hammered metal effect which is so easy, you just take the dabber and gently "hammer" it onto the surface, you get this really neat pattern that resembles hammered metal, once dry i rubbed platinum Stickles over it using my trusty finger! i think it is really neat! some think i am a little crazy! ahhhh who cares!

this heart-shaped bread bun kind of reminded me love can be found in places least expected

made a canvas as a birth gift for my son's boss at work
i love making these Wendy Vecci type grungepaper flowers, i make my own version of them but the idea is Wendy's, they are so cool!
Emiel welcome to this crazy wonderful world

been beeswaxing, i love it! very relaxing... i need relaxing

Barcelona! i am soooooooo impressed by Gaudi! it will be noticable in my art soon i'm sure

LOVE, made as a birthday pressie for my wonderful friend J!
passed all his pilot exams! now looking for a job... anyone got a plane to be flown??

i love these letters, about 5 inch big if my eyeballing is correct, these i gessoed, painted with Claudine's paints, added Grungeboard and Tim's embellishments.

this pic was taken on my bookshelf, not the best shot...
they looked really good in there new home! xxx
Bart and me in Spain, he has just turned 20 my son! he's a stunner i think, but of course i am his mum... but he is, isn't he? :)

Lisa Mitchell and me and a really great but scarey street artist on the Rambla in barcelona!
there were a lot more wonderful street artists! really cool to see.
it was a good day!
Sue and me in one of our more normal pics...haha
we had such a good week!!
Sue is coming to Belgium in Februari! bring a good coat sue, the temps are nowhere near as good as in your part of the world!!!
thanks again for having us!xxx

oh and this!!
sneak peek for you Evelien!

and OLIVIA! Evelien's newborn little girl!
Welcome to this beautiful crazy world too!

not in the mood for many words, the painmeds are giving me loads of side effects but the painrelief seems to have worn off! so i'm kind of pretty much back to being always in pain!

to give you an idea of the pain: i burned my inner fore arm with my hot glue gun! it's hot! , skin went straight off, third degree burn! no pain, none what so ever, the morfine is good! yet my foot i still feel like hell. imagine? trying not to whine on though.

i have come to the conclusion once again that i am not superwoman and even if it means dissapointing people, i have decided to take more time off for myself.
hope to blog soon but i'm not promising to :)
have a good weekend xxx


  1. Hello Tanya,

    i'm sorry to hear the pain is so heavy again ! Stalk the doctor until he searches and finds a cure or at least take away the pain a bit more...
    Cool laptop... don't know if I would have the guts to alter my precious i-book...

    You went to Barcelona !!! I had the luck to go there two years ago ( never flew a plane before and never have since). Me too I'm a huge fan of Gaudi : he 's a "total" artist, so much more than "just an architect". Have you been in the sagrada familia too ? I took lots and lots of photos of all his creations.
    I'm changing my chickenhouse into a Gaudi...

    Yes your son is cute.. I have a son of the same age and sometimes I wish I wasn't his mom and much younger...LOL

    So, Evelien has a new daughter ! Olivia..special and nice name ! Your sneak peek is promising... Me too I made already some " Wendy" flowers with grungepaper : very easy , but a stunning effect !

    greetings from waarschoot

  2. Hi,hi,... I wasn't flying the plane, I flew in the plane..

  3. very happy you decided to join us again Tanya!!!we've missed you on here. The canvases are great and being in possession of a Tanya original - eat your heart out people!!! - I know how gorgeous they are and I am sure Evelien and Emiel's Mum will be so pleased with their gifts.

    We really enjoyed having you here and you are welcome to come again any time - but tomorrow I will make sure my flight for February gets booked.

    Look after yourself and get as much rest as you can - difficult for you I know but try please!
    Sue x
    ps Bart is not only a stunner but thoroughly nice too.

  4. Your creations are gorgeous...I am especially loving the "LOVE" you did. Fabulous and I know the recipient adores it, too.
    Take care of yourself...the blogging world will still be here when you feel better.
    Peace & Love,

  5. It looks like you have been busy creating...a good thing! The street artist in Barcelona IS scarey...Bart IS a doll...can't wait to see what you design with your "Gaudi" inspiration

  6. hoi tanya,
    nice to meet you this afternoon! It must be wonderfull to mix all kind of arts together to create all those things ! I only practise arts of painting, making books and modern patchwork. Putting them all together is a stap further !
    It was wonderfull to make the link between you and Inge and Dorien just by seeing you and all your things! There must be something that makes the match between the 3 of you ! See you on one of your lessons !


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