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Saturday, 28 November 2009

giveaway and quick chat

1st picture: an advents calender in the making, 25 tiny houses on a square canvas, every roof will be able to be removed to fine a little note or goodie inside! still working away on this one,
i'll post again once finished and i will add more info on the materials and so on
2nd picture: yeah my new BlackBerry!!!and i love it! ( is it an "it"? is it not a "she", she is smart, it has to be a she! don't you think?)
anyway, i love BB and can you see what the fist web was this chick visited on her BB?? yes! Ranger! adddddict huh!

3rd picture: a brooch i made using some things Tim, ornate plate, token, glossy accents, metal flowers, grungepaper flowers i made, tiny tiny! hard work so tiny lol and one of Tim's beautiful keys.
i myself love this piece and i have had it on all week :)

4th picture: this little painting i made for an art exchange so this will be posted on it's way to the US on Monday, i should have sent it off way sooner but it took me longer to finish with so much going on.

5th statement has no picture :)
been on Tim's blog???
he is doing his wonderful 12 tags of Christmas again so i am more than happy!
His main man Mario stole his blog today and posted his own giveaway! so go check Tim's/Mario's blog!!
Mario is more than a sweet guy and i know that for a fact, personal experiance!
kisses for Mr Mario xox

with alll this generosity going around in blog land could not stay behind!
with Sinterklaas (Belgian kind of santa claus, don't ask more info, i don't know lol), my birthday and Xmas coming up in December i thought it might be time to make a few goodiebags!
goodiebag: all bits and bobs, craft stuff, a little art piece, little!!, just some fun things really!
how can you get your hands on one of these goodiebags?
by commenting on this post!!
as easy as that, ok you could start following my blog aswell, wouldn't give you more chance but it would be nice to have more followers, only if you want to of course! haha!
so just leave a comment on this post!
i have five goodiebags, or at least i will when i start making them!
i will randomly pick 5 names next monday, no not tomorrow, the next!
who knows, if there are many names to choose from i might do it all over again next week,
i'll see how it goes
right! now i'm off to do the other million things on my to do list of today!
love and hugs! have a great weekend
xxx tany
not checked for typos, you know me!


  1. Oooooh me! I would lurve a goody bag please and I already follow your blog :-) Love the little houses on your advent calendar and love your gorgeous broach even more. I also love (er....I seem to be full of love today LOL!) your new gadget. Now you can surf the net 24/7! Have a good weekend, Kate

  2. Hey, wat een leuk idee...ik kom juist van tim zijn blog en nu kom ik op de jouwe...super gewoon, natuurlijk wil ik wel een goodiebag....dus bij deze schrijf ik een kattebelletje, je prachtighe broche heb ik al in het echt mogen bewonderen en ze is heel mooi

  3. Hi Tanya
    see I can spel ur name - even if you can't!!!

    I would like to be in your give away please -pretty please. The brooch is just fabulous.

    How can you make 25 of those little houses - they are so fiddly to make and those must be such tiny ones to fix on a canvas.

    Think this must be your non-kids weekend so enjoy and don't work too hard.

    Love n hugs Sue xx

  4. Hey there. I would love to be in the draw for a goodie bag.

    LOVE the brooch!! VERY nice! I see why you have worn it all week!

    Looking forward to more info on the little houses and advent calendar....

    Busy on this side of the puddle too. No time to blog but I've been blurking a bit to stay "caught up".

  5. Hello Tanya,

    Looks I'm even behind on Tim's blog ...:(
    Such a busy week and no time to be creative like you have ! I made an advent calendar past yeat : I guess it's almost time to get it out if I see your houses !

    I'm off to Tim's blog : I wonder what he will come up with this time...

    greetings from waarschoot

  6. leuke huisjes!!! en uw broche is natuurlijk prachtig hé (zoals gewoonlijk)!
    ik stuur de foto's zo vlug mogelijk door.

  7. Tanya your brooch is very impressive!

  8. Hi Tanya,

    Hmmm, je hebt geen 3000 reacties. Gek hoor, je doet het net zo leuk als T!M.

    Nu hebben we 24 tags of Christmas.



  9. WOW girl, you've been busy!! Love that brooch.


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