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Monday, 23 November 2009

Tim's 12 tags of Christmas

if you haven't been to Tim's blog yet, here is his post!!! join in on the fun and spirit of the 12 tags of Christmas! i'm joining in and i would love all of you to do so too, Tim will love it!!!!
love xxx

that's right, i am moving on and giving back and doing the "12 Tags of Christmas" for 2009 - crazy i know, but i love sharing with all of you to let you know how much i appreciate you. the "12 Tags of Christmas" will start on December 1st and go through December 12th. if you're new to the "12 Tags of Christmas", well it's a festivity of creative goodness, a time to deck the halls, and let your artistic whimsy get you in the holiday spirit. each day i will post a holiday tag with complete step by step instructions for you to follow along. the tags stay up all month and then are archived on the bottom left column of the blog - the past 2 years of the "12 Tags" for 2007 & 2008 are already there so check them out! now let's not forget about all of the prizes, one of my favorite things about the "12 Tags" is the "12 Days of Giveaways" that go along with them! each day i will pick random winners from the daily comments you post on the blog! this year i am kicking it up a notch though so be ready: if you're a daily winner and your name is posted on the blog, you must claim your prize by the end of the day you're name is selected because if you don't, the prizes will roll over to the next days winners! also, in true "12 Tags" style, the more comments on the blog each day, the more prizes i'll be giving away. so be sure to take EACH DAY and post a comment on the blog and join the festive fun! hey you just might win more than once - it's happened before...
now i know that many of you create a tag each day along with me and let me tell you - i love that! in fact at the end of this year's 12 days i'll be holding a contest for those that have completed all "12 Tags of Christmas" for 2009, and i have some AMAZING prizes to give away for that! so of course as you can imagine i have TONS of things to do to still finish up the book and get everything ready if i'm going to pull this thing off. i'll be launching the first tag at 12:01am on December 1st so i am leaving this post up until then - fair enough? so you'll have time to gather your favorite holiday stamps, inks, and anything else you want to play with. tell your friends, post it on your blogs, facebook, and twitter because the more people who get involved in the holiday cheer and post comments during the "12 Tags of Christmas" the more gifts and goodies i'll be sharing with all of you! okay, so i hope you're as excited as i am about the 2009 "12 Tags of Christmas" then please post a comment - i would love for you to share your excitement with me, not to mention, it will give you practice for the coming weeks. see all of you on December 1st, 2009 let the holidays begin - i can't wait...t!m

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