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Sunday, 24 January 2010

quick post

hiya all, just a really quick post to let you all know i am still around, i've been getting mails asking if i am okay... i am! well, i do have the worst cold ever and a really sore throat so i do feel a little sorry for myself lol!

Paris was great! i loved quartier Latin and especially the cosmopolitans i had in a great little piano bar.
i met up with Heidi Swapp and Wendy from My Tattered Angels, cool cool stuff! new possibilities!!

I am filled to the brim with ideas, i have managed to jot most of them down, some of them will be seeing light in 2010, more when the time is right! some of them are totally new and exciting and ahhhh can't say more!

I am happy to say that i spoke to my daughter Debby today on msn! over the moon on this! happy happy mum! some of you will know how sad i have been.

My good friend Sue will be coming soon! thrilled about her visiting us and our little trip to the Netherlands.

oww that's all folks, i should be in bed and this cold is blocking my head lol

take care all xxxx


  1. Very happy to hear that you spoke to Debby - a good first step.
    Also happy to hear you have new ideas - hope we get lots of play time. I love the Latin quarter and out of the way places in Paris much better than the touristy ones.
    Love Sue xx
    ps only 10 more sleeps!!

  2. pps get better very soon.
    Sue x

  3. Nice to see you back. Hope you start feeling better soon!! Sounds like a fab time in Paris. Can't wait to see/hear more ideas!!
    Take care!! XXX


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