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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

busy and un-organized

ok my lovely friends, i am here, i might not be commenting on your blogs ( i am having trouble commenting on some, kate? i can't post) i have just taken the time to catch up on all your blogs, kate, sue, mike, patti,..... i am amazed at what some of you all have been up to since the year started.

i have been a little disorganized, my son Bart had a car accident on January 5 and has been home since, concussion and a bit of a whiplash and at first it seemd to be healing well but he is still having severe headaches and is off work for at least another three weeks, now do i need to tell you what it is with a sick man around the house (he is 20) ????? he is bored, he wants attention, he talks to me alot!!!! lol i love him to bits but i am not used to having someone around full-time! i love my alone-time during the day and then the chaotic evenings filled with family life! beautiful combo for this artsy mammy!

still no running hot water for the bathroom, a big big bummer that is and really getting on my nerves but i will get it sorted.

oh and Kate dear, i am doing the 365 day challenge, i will post when the month is over.

working on a few cool ideas, can't say much just yet but i am really excited and working on them behind the scenes of everyday life.

Sue, see you next week my love!!!! yayyyy! plz send me tthose flight times again cos they got lost in all my mail and i will keep them on my blackberry this time!
yes i entered the Blackberry era!!! and am loving it!!! it is great to have that little handy thing, emails, sms, chat, facebook, all at hand anywhere and everywhere, unless i choose to switch it off lol, and i do sometimes. never thought it would happen but i am a gadget girl!!! good thing my son shows me how to use it though lol!!!

ok off to to a little arts & crafts, i'm way behind on what i want to get done today

love you all xxx


  1. Whiplash can be a real drag! Hope your son recovers soon!! Then you can get back to a little P&Q during the day - and he won't be bored anymore!

    Still no hot water?? No hot showers?? UGH! I don't know how we could handle that. You are amazing for dealing with it for so long!!

    Looking forward to seeing what cool new things you are working on. I am working on a new class project - turn it in tomorrow and schedule the date. We'll see how it goes!

    Now I'm back to my little creative mess! Just had to take a little break to check out the blog! I'll check back soon!

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  3. Hello, new to the blogging scene. Your post intrigued me, so I thought I would comment. You seem like you have so much going on, but don't forget to take time for yourself. People seem to go crazy if they do not get that stress release. If your son is 20, try telling him that you need some alone time, as does he. Get him interested in a book series and online forum or something that will take his mind off of his trials and allow him to focus on something elsewhere. Also, allow him some independence. Ask him to do a few things. Even if they are small miniscule things. Everyone wants to feel important and needed. Be sure to do this for him. I commend you on your efforts and encourage you to truck on through. Hope this helps. Take Care

  4. Hey my friend! I left you an award on my blog. Stop by and pick it up when you can!! XXX

  5. Hi Tanya, good to see you again this weekend. It was nice to meet your friend Sue. Wish you a lot of fun at Hobbyfarm and enjoy the things you have to prepare for next week.

  6. No WAY do you have a 20 yr old son! You don't look a day over 28! ;-) No kidding either.


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