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Wednesday, 17 February 2010


yesterday Lisa sent me a mail letting me know i had won a prize in her wonderful OWOH giveaway, honsetly i had never heard of it and commented on her blog not even thinking of winning anything, i just simply love her stuff! but see, as it happens i am the lucky winner of some of her beautiful doll parts! i am totally over the moon with this and can't wait for them to cross the big pond all the way from New Jersey!!

and... i just saw i have 50 followers!!! how lovely it is that so many of you think my random art and chit chat are worthy of following! thank you all so much, so sweet!

as said in prev post, i am having an easy week, no cooking has been done so far! pizza, Mc Donalds,... hihi! so proud of myself!!!! :))

i actually should finish the two little paintings i promised certain winners lol! i will i will!

and now a bit of advertising!!!!

Saturday 27 February Hobbyfarm will be hosting a super cool Ranger

educator :) with a steaming hot workshop


literally a patchwork 2OX2Ocm of all kinds of techniques on Grungepaper finished off with selfmade UTEE embellishments, some metal embossed pieces and last but not least some of Tim's metal embellishments, all this framed in a 30X30cm frame. a workshop you don't want to miss if you are on our side of the world! see you there!


  1. Crying silent tears**** I'm on the wrong side of the world!! Looks like a fun workshop!!

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  3. Lovely workshop, what a shame I'm at the hobby fair in Kortrijk that day.
    But I will be at Rangerized I, already paid and everything, if it goes true this time that is. I was looking forward to it like a month or something (like a little child that goes to zoo) and then just a day or so before comes a mail that it's postponed.

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  5. I SO wish I could be there! What an awesome project!


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