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Monday, 15 February 2010

time to take it easy

hiya friends, i have been so busy these last few weeks,
hardly time to breathe it seems and i do actually feel pretty tired yet happy!!
don't get me wrong, i have been having a blast! always time to have a few laughs!
My friend Sue came to visit, it was a shame is was so busy, i feel like i should have more free time to share but it was a bit hectic making samples with Tim's new stamps for a promotion magazine, getting ready for demos and life in general with the kids.
Next time she comes we will plan it in a more peaceful week lol!
(it took Sue about 3 shots to get this crazy pic of me! geeee thanks Sue! lol)
I got to work side by side with Tim Holtz, need i say that kinda made me happy? owww i admit i was over the moon! i got to chat with him off and on all day, shared my heattool lol, got to get my hands on some of his cool new embellishments and paper and even went home with all his demo products, i'm talking the new Distress Inks, all 12!!! the new colours perfect pearls and all other powders and paints he had his hands on in Germany and The Netherlands lol! i am happy happy, noooo i am not a Tim grouppie, where did you get that idea??
(I love this cool pic of Tim, myself and mario!!)
(mario at my side! kind looks like i have a fan! lol he is so sweet!
oww and notice how Sue managed to get a cool effect on my face? lol) ( me, pouring UTEE like a pro! see the concentration on my face? ahhh!)
some of my sample pieces for the promotion magazine for Tim's newest stamps! i love them!
and the new Distress Inks are all FAB FAB FAB colours!!! believe me when i say you won't be able to choose! you will want them all, they are the best yet, my opinion that is :)

anyyway! this week is more peaceful, the kiddies are at their dad for the week so i will sleep in tomorrow morning! yay!!!! and i'll do some painting this week, i haven't painted in a month or so, except for my livingroom but that is really not the same!!! no no! i want to paint a pretty angel and just chill out with some music and enjoy the free time i am treating myself too.
hope you are all doing well, i have been reading your blogs!
ow and today i noticed i have 48 followers! kinda coooool! lol
take care xxx


  1. I am so jealous!! ALL the new Distress Inks??!! You are one lucky girl!! Rubbing elbows, too!! You deserve a little rest! Enjoy your play time while the kid-lets are away!! XXX

  2. I'm jealous too! I LOVE the artwork you made with Tim's new goodies:D

  3. looks like you had a brilliant time:) hoping my distress pads are on their way to me this week...
    Have fun this week :)
    Hugs x

  4. Miss Tanya,
    First love the post, amazing.
    2nd, you are won of my OWOH winners, hooray!

  5. Hi Tanya
    Still recovering from the hectic week at yours - straight back with a full class on Friday morning, whew!!! - but I really did enjoy myself with you and your delightful kids. Looking forward to September.

    BTW the photo of you with Mario - you didn't tell how many I took to get that one!!!

    Your samples look lovely but the alcohol inked David looks even better in real life.

    Hope your weekend workshop/demo went well. Speak soon
    Love n hugs Sue xx

  6. Looks like you are enjoying yourself, which is brilliant!

  7. looks like you had a lot of fun

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  9. Look how cute you look in that hat xoxo


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