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Monday, 1 March 2010

random talk

i've been meaning to blog for a few days now but always something gets in the way but here i am for some random chat.
i've been painting! as i promised myself, i would take some time just to paint...
i painted an angel for myself >>>>

then one i made specially for my dear friend who needed a little motivation

( i never took a picture)

and the third i was asked to paint as a present for my friend's mother.

i have learned that i really do paint from my heart and because this one was for a special person's special person i wanted it te be perfect, now there lies a loophole!!! the harder i tried to get het perfect the more i seemed te mess her up, i started somewhat five times i reckon!! i hardly ever do that. i really had to go back to painting and drawing from my heart and not trying to make her like it so much. She has seen my art and likes it! why try so hard sometimes?? lessons learned i tell you lol!!
so i am grateful for doing this painting, i learned alot and i was able to let go in the end
and i showed my friend some pics
and he loves it
and says his mum is going to be over the moon with it.

makes me happy.

and i showed both paintings to Suzi Blu, my mentor, without a doubt
and she loves loves loves them

(big smile)
but now!!!! i am in agony!! the thing that has been preventing me from sitting up to blog is my
Discus Hernia
yay!!!! on top of the battl against the Sudeck in my foot and leg i now am the proud owner of a hernia L4-L5 and it is a beauty! perfectly in the middle of the disk! :)
my doc says i do things right!
i haven't been able to do anything this last week
but today it seems like the meds the nurse comes and injects everyday are kicking in and doing me some good
not that i will be doing any running around but at least i can sit up long enough to write my blog, a girl's gotta be happy with what she's got i say!!!
all in all it is frustrating as hell but th bright side is....
well i'll find a bright side later, i'm sure ...
i've got two little paintings i was working on before the hernia, maybe i'll try and finish them a little later so that i can post them off to their new owners,
one is travelling all the way to Arizona to a happy black cat :)!
ok that is enough blogging for me, gotta go lie down, ouwch meds are crap after all lol!
i'll be back soon
love you all
oh and of course i did NOT check for typos :)


  1. Oh sweetie
    and I thought this year was going to be better for you.
    Your angels are so lovely and the new owner will love it just as much as you do.
    Take care and don't do too much - who am I kidding!!!!! Lol!
    Love n hugs Sue xx

  2. OMG!! Your angels are beautiful!! Your friends mom IS going to be over the moon! I do hope you get some relief from the pain soon. That kind of pain stinks!! XXX

  3. I love the fact that your three lovely angels are all red heads...like you...and I!

  4. prachtige kunstwerkjes zijn dit weer
    wat erg dat dit jaar toch weer niet zo goed is begonnen voor jou
    hoop dat de pijn vlug verlicht
    liefs natacha

  5. just came across your blog while pressing "next blog"... and it's a beautiful blog. i love your paintings as well.

  6. I appreciate your PO very much the picture with the article. Continues to refuel!!


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