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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Spring is in the Air!!

too often i start with: i have not dropped off the planet...

so today i will start with:
Spring is in the Air!!!
it really is!! the Sun is shining, my little girl is playing outside,
i love it when they get some fresh air.
let's see, what have i been up to since last post?
hernia!! still causing proper pain! doc is sending me to hospital for epidural injections!! i'm like: huhhh really??? that sounds pretty uncomfortable... but it is the next step in trying to prevent surgery on my back. so i have to try!

however i keep moving about, living life as full as i possibly can.

last weekend a friend took me to a collage art showing of a friend of his. it was fun, her work was sassy and true british punk style. i will see if she has a website.
i met quite a few people and contacts, some where instantly in love with the soldered pendant i was wearing and now i guess i better get started on making a few new ones.

last night i went to see Alice in Wonderland, it was great, i loved the film, the 3D gave it such a magical feel, the insects flying around your head lol, i even pulled away a few times.

Tim Burton did good on this one, the darkness was not too much for me.

I especially liked the Caterpillar Absolem, loved that he turned into a beautiful blue butterfly at the end . but Johnny Depp was fab too! i mean he really was the Mad Hatter!
after the film a friend gave me a blue butterfly! a real one, huge, sooooo beautiful... i have given it a safe place where i can look at it. such a sweet gesture...
I've been painting, firstly on the two little paintings that are being sent off to Sandra and Sheri, they are nearly done, i'm on to the little details...
ok! i would like you to meet a friend of mine, Paul Croes, he is a wonderful photographer that i will be working with pretty soon, he is the first photographer that i've known who understands my paintings and how to catch all their details, he appreciates my art and knows how to present it.

you can check out his website he is still working on it so be sure to go back regulary.

I have a few plans up my sleeve...
This little Angel is my latset, and she has already found a new home to watch over.
My first BLUE Angel, i've used blue before but not so light, it was challenging but she turned out really nice, the red does go with the light blue, i like the match actually...

so, despite all the pain i am in i manage to keep painting, art does save!!!!
so! i am off to paint... have a great day, enjoy the Sunshine if you get the chance!
Iwasn't sick of the snow and colf like everyone els i know lol but i am happy the temperature is rising and the flowers are shyly popping up in the garden!
oh and my orchids are blooming again, for me that is pure joy!!
love & peace


  1. Hey there! Love the Blue Angel. I like the colors and contrast together. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain. What a PAIN! I do hope the epi's work. They work for my dad. Hey, I'm taking a class with Claudine in May. I can't wait!! Got to try to catch up on the blogs now. Spring Break here, so my DD is keeping me very busy!! XXX

  2. Enjoy your Spring...we in Arizona are already in the 80's!


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