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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

beautiful times

isn't it just wonderful when Spring makes it's enterance? not that i ever complained about Winter, not like 99% of the people i know lol, i don't mind Winter, i love snow, ok, driving in snow and on icey roads not so much but it's part of it and can't be changed ... so why complain?
anyway, Winter seems to behind us and Spring has made it's enterance, i see purple sticking up out of the soil, the goldfish in the pond are pretty active and before long there will be thousands of tadpoles appearing.
Even my doggy knows it's Spring, he ran away last week, off to find himself a woman jack russell lol! he had no luck!!!! i found him first and my neighbour found the new tiny gap he managed to find to escape the garden ... it's fixed!
My last two orchids are in bloom again, last year i must have brought home an orchid with a desease, (white sticky fluffy bugs!!!) i did all i could to save my 18 orchids but sadly i only managed to save two and yes!!!! they are blooming, i am over the moon! like a proud mommy :)

i've been painting:

this one is on canvas, i hardly ever work on canvas because i need to work gentle and i'm not such a gentle worker :) i love to rub, scratch, scrub,... not so gentle!
This one is called Alice's Angel and was inspired by what other that Alice in Wonderland! i went to see the film in 3D, i hate those stupid little glasses over my own glasses, they just don't fit!!
but the film i liked very much! i loved this version, Tim Burton doesn't usually appeal to me that much but Alice was great!
The saying on it i already used before but i like it and i like opening doors and windows...
now i am working on a really small piece 6X12inch and there are plans to make her big!!! i will show and tell once it is done.
my foot is bad! terrible even, i wish wish wish i could say otherwise! i dream of the day i can tell you all my foot is healed and i can jump and dance like the crazy lunatic i am ...
but due to the beautiful L4 L5 hernia i have the nerves to my left leg and foot are even worse off than they already were, i mean come onnnnnn!!!! f*!!!!
i hope the epidural treatment next week helps some.
my left foot is now starting to turn inwards, the muscles aren't getting the correct information and are giving up on me :(( no matter how hard i try my foot will not stay flat, doc says if it gets any worse i will have to wear a brace to correct my foot position, this really made me want to cry...
but!!!! life is beautiful, there is more to it than my stupid foot!!!
i am enjoying all that can and have loads to be grateful for.
on the bright side: due to the pain i haven't been able to eat well so i am losing weight!
hey!!! losing weight is a good thing :))
see always a silver lining!!! always!!!!!
have a great day! i' m off to paint and sing, i can't dance but i can softly headbang to Metallica wohaha!!! Spring is in the air!!!
all my doors are open!!
love & peace


  1. Spring has sprung here as well. We are getting rain again today. LOTS of rain this winter/spring. We need it, but not sure it will take us out of the drought. Sorry to hear of your continuing pain. But on the flip side, you are one of the most positive, upbeat, "glass is half full" people I know! You DO see the good in all things! Such an inspiration! LOVE your new angel!! XXX

  2. Your canvas is lovely -I can see the butterflies in the background but if you look quickly it looks like butterflies down her hair - see what I mean? How pretty.
    I bet the countryside around you looks even lovelier now that Spring has arrived. I'm also glad Jimmy escaped unharmed - not glad he escaped but that he wasn't hurt - your corner is a bit dangerous for a dog out on his own.
    Sorry to hear the news about your foot - lets hope the epidural has some effect.
    You are right - life is beautiful - you have a beautiful family, you are talented and I can just picture you headbanging along to Metallica..... but softly!!! Nope, not the Tanya I know and love!!!
    Take care
    Hugs Sue xx

  3. Oooh, your painting is luverly :-) Gorgeous colour and detail. Hope the foot gets better soon - sounds painful. Spring is on the way here too although still no sign of any frogspawn in the pond so spring hasn't quite sprung yet...! Byee Kate x
    Keep on painting.... and headbanging :-)

  4. I love all the different textures you've used. It's such a beautiful painting. I love the contrast between Blue and the Red. It looks like you've put in alot of time and effort and it has definitely payed off!

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