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Monday, 26 April 2010

Love Yourself Today

(Saturday morning 7am)

we have been having the most glorious weather out here, the blossom is coming to full force and so are the number of tourists , almost enough for me to escape it all! omg!!! the amount of bikers! yeah bikers Harleys i mean... all tough dudes coming to see the blossom lol how cute!!! bikers, cyclists, cars, bussssssessss even, all through our tiny little village, a bit of a pain when you are out in the garden having what you thought was going to be a quiet sit down lol!!!

yesterday i went to my beautiful friend in Aalst to have a nice quiet sit down and lunch out in the garden : ) a super de luxe salade, wine and the best strawberries evvvva!! fresh from our countryside. i even got a bit of a tan, well don't expect too much of my tans lol, this British skin of mine does not tan all that well... but it was a good good day...
one day that felt like two weeks holiday.
Saturday i had the honour to "Rangerize" a bunch of nice ladies, they were rockstars, they inked and stamped and combined techniques like pros! so so proud of them! i never took pics but i'm sure i will get my hands on some to share later!
days like these make me happy, make the never ending pain bearable... eventhough i have to pay for it 10 times over today i don't care!

Love Yourself Today, this is the name of my lastest Mixed Media Painting

she proved to be a bit of a pain in the butt lol! oh so many things went wrong on this one, i have no idea why! i think she was meant to be and exercise in patience and i had to learn to love her the way she turned out and i do! she maybe a bit of a dark spirited lady but she has the right message and her energy feels more than okay.
she is a 15X30cm painting on wood
i used lots ofGolden Fluid Acrylics, glass bead paste, modeling paste, gold mica flakes, Steward Gill paints, Tim Holtz stamps, Ranger inks, Distress powder.
This week... i plan on finishing off a few class samples, i have a scrap class and i'm due in hospital again for my last nasty, hateful stupid,
paintful, not-doing- much-for-me injection!!!
soooo not looking forward to that!
anyway beautiful people!! i wish you all a great week filled with all nice things
love & peace!!!!
tanya x


  1. Oh dear, sounds like you are in a lot of pain. Hope the injection not too bad. But on the plus side, your painting is fabulous! Kate x

  2. She is sooo WONDERFUL, Tanya!! Love the colors and all the yummy texture and the message is lovely! I'm so happy you had such a lovely time! Hope the injection will not be too bad and you'll feel better soon!
    Sending lots of love and a big hug your way,
    Sanda xoxo

  3. I find your theme today inspiring..... Love Yourself Today. Gave me a little much needed lift. Thanks. XOX


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