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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

where does time go??

it might be just me but i feel like this year is moving on at high speed, some how it is almost half of April without me realizing...
due to the hernia, which is causing me more pain and grief than i care to talk about, i haven't been up to much, i did work on this painting though, a work that took about two weeks for me to finish, i had to learn to paint at my easle sitting down, not the easiest thing with this 54X107 cm painting!!
Absolem Butterfly Girl paintingthis beautiful butterfly that a friend gave me after the Alice in Wonderland film, was my inspiration
it was quite a journey, a new adventure actually! first i painted my girl on wood as i usually do, this time i painted a bit smaller than i am used too and that proved a bit tricky for me to do details but it didn't matter reaaly, i painted on 15X30 and then i had it scanned at the photographer, Paul Croes in Hasselt, he printed it on to canvas with the Epson fine art printer. a really nice starting point for me to finish off my art on this huge size!
the nice thing is that i had the finished piece photographed in the studio so now i can sell prints on canvas that i can further embellish if i please, this way i can make more people happy withmy painting at a lower cost. the original is no longer available.
i have already had the draft version printed again, flipped horizontally so she is now facing the opposite direction, this one i will be painting in very different colours, a totally different butterfly girl! i wil show once finished.
ok that is enoigh blogging for me, my back is aching like razy so i better take the lie-down
hope you are all enjoying Spring! here in the countryside the first blossoms are starting to show, hopefully the weather will stay nice and then we will have the full white burst of the apple, pear and cherry trees! it is a wonderful sight!! tourist come from all over to visit our area then.
talk to you again soon!
love & peace


  1. Nice to "see" you!!! Awesome new angel and love the way you can make different, but new editions of her! Fabulous idea!! Hope your pain subsides soon. As for me, tomorrow I sit at hospital while my hubby has an angioplasty. Hoping for good results, just a stent, rather than the "other"... which would mean open heart surgery on Wed (14th). Praying to your angels!!

  2. Hey, I really like this. I do think you are on to something. Try also printing this on Crane Museo fine artist cards.

  3. Wow wow wow, your painting is amazing! Lovely work Tanya. Hope u feel better soon. Kate x

  4. I agree with you Tanya...this year is going by way too fast...maybe that's why I can never get anything done!

  5. it's beautiful! it's just like in fairytales..
    very lovely Tanya.
    Shana x


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