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Thursday, 6 May 2010

what makes you happy...

what truly makes you happy? my list is long!!! of course my children or on the list of what makes me happy, i find that pretty obvious...

i was pleased and suprized of the amount of small things on my list...

the blackbird singing in my garden made me intensly happy this morning! honestly i sat in the garden smoking a sigarette (that is a different story!!) and saw mister blackbird hopping around, he has been my friend for a few weeks now and he is loud i tell you! last year he seemed to get on my nerves a little but this year his song seems so beautiful! i actually go sit out in the garden just to see him. so this morning there he was hopping around from tree to bush to the pond (he is an active little fella) singing his heart out, i imagine him doing that especially for me of course, after all he seems to be my new companion. And then comes mrs blackbird, hopping along... and it made me smile to see my little companion having a girlfriend... yeah, things like this make me happy and not just for a moment... it lingers... i take the feeling back inside with me, it makes my heart sing happy songs and makes my pain lighter and less important and again that is on my list of what makes me happy!

my dog rolling around in the grass like a little lunatic
a fresh hot cup of tea
the sun on my face
sitting outside to paint
sitting inside to paint
biting into a juicy apple
drinking hot chocolate in bed
red paint (well all paint but red is my fav!)
my new oil pastels
buying new shoes for my kids
raspberry sorbet
having coffee with friends
having wine with friends
listening to all the cool music on my pink ipod
watching the kids play out in the garden
drawing in my art journal
my friend Diane in Seattle who says hi every single day
discovering new music
silence... for a long time silence was so loud!!! it brought discomforting thoughts and fears and worries. now silence is simply silent, peaceful and nice.

my list is so much longer... and that too makes me happy.

i hope you all have a wonderful day
love & peace
tanya x


  1. What a great list. It's a good thing to have gratitude for all of life's simple pleasures.


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