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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mums.
My mother's day so far has consisted of sleeping in because the littlies are at their dad, it is his weekend to have them so i will see them later today when i pick them up.
So sleeping in was my luxury though i would have prefered to have kiddies jumping on my bed bringing me burned toast and weak coffee and dandilions from the garden :)
however my 20y old son did make me (half burned) toast and scrambled eggs and brought it out into the garden without even a mumble of happy mother's day haha and then went off inside to watch a recorded film from last night... typical my son lol!
so again peace and quiet...
except for my little buddy blackbird who i have named George :)
my sweet son did give me a gift certificate for new sunglasses so yesterday we had a nice day in the city, choosing some pretty cool sunglasses that i will have by the end of next week, lunch out in the sun, well not so much sun but it was nice enough.
I'm not one for expecting gifts for Mother's day, whenever my kids used to aks what i wanted i always replied that it would be fantastic if they would for one day not fight or make a mess and make me a cup of tea without me asking for it... i always got the tea!
motherhood is quiet a ride, one that i have learned lots from, with five kids there is a lesson every day! my hardest lesson has been to let go... my teenage daughter taught me how to do that, in not such a soft way (some of you will remember she ran away from home in feb 2009 and is now living with her father) it hurt like hell and on some days it still does... but i have learned to let it go as much as i can, she is nearly adult now, 18 in June.

My own mother died last year in September and that too was a hard thing to deal with in different ways than most of you would expect.
She died at the age of 59 after a seven year struggle with Alhzeimers
we never had a connection, i only met her for the first time as a teenager so it was not the average mourning journey i went through...
this morning sitting out in the garden, for the very first time in my life i felt she might just be watching over me after all and it made me cry and then i started to miss my runaway teen and that made me cry and then George started singing and that made me smile and cry... and then the song hallelujah came on my ipod and ok... you get the picture.
i went to a really cool party on Friday night.... oh i got home at 3.30am after playing taxi for a sad soul who's car had broke down ;)
i met so many cool, beautiful, crazy people, we laughed so much and omg you don't want to knows ome of the convo's we had, hilarious believe me!!
so happy Esther invited me :))
and i made her a little present because the very first time we met she fell in love with my framed collage necklace and insantly dived into my cleavage lol... she is like that!
(here is what i made for her, not so good pics but it is hard with the glass that reflects)

she pretty much squeeled with delight and we immediatly fitted the chain to fit and then she had to change her earrings because they didn't match lol ... and every one just had to admire it! she gave them no choice lol!!

ah well i'm going to let you all have a wonderful day and i'm going to continue to relax out in the sun, today the sun seems to have come back to play and i am not complaining!!!

love & peace

tanya xx


  1. thanks for the peek into your world;) Here's wishing you a very happy Mother's Day! Being a mother is one heck of a journey, isn't it?!

  2. I would have squealed with delight too...love the collage necklace!

  3. Hello Tanya,

    a happy mother's day to you too !
    Reading about your mothers day almost made me cry... i have sons and a daughter like yours, but they did make my mothers day special yesterday by doing something I did not expect..
    Me too I don't want the presents, but just the fact that they thought of me on some moment makes me happy ànd I'll have a photosession in our garden when the weather is better :)
    Photos of my teenagers are very rare... although I have hundreds of them when they were little.

    I'm sure that one day your daughter will appreciate you for the mom you have been for her for all those years, but I can imagine it still hurts the way she left...Time heals a lot.

    greetings from Waarschoot

  4. So glad that your George made you happy. My George, Lorraine's son made me happy the week before by painting all the new shop walls - 4 coats to cover the sludge green on several walls... and so glad you had a night out - a good one too it sounds - you need to get away from crafting from time to time to recharge your batteries.
    The necklace you made for Esther is unusual and so lovely and I know how Esther feels as everone comments on and loves the necklace you made me.
    Enjoy the sunshine
    Love n hugs to you and yours - see you very soon
    Sue xxxxx

  5. ps Love the new look blog


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