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Monday, 14 February 2011

fingers crossed

i'm keeping my fingers crossed, if all goes well i may be going home today!!
Nine days in hospital is more than i can take! i soooo want to go home to my kids.
It has been a rollercoaster ride!
in the meantime my hair dropped out, hair everywhere, evenhough it was shaved short it still was everywhere and i hurt like hell, for one night it was like my head was on fire, i sat with ice packs on my head for hours to ease the pain! not all of it dropped out but most of it so i had to have it shaved bald and it really takes some getting used to, some of my friends say it suits me, that i can pull it off and i must say i do have a pretty skull lol! as for as pretty goes for skulls that is :)

anyway, hopefully i can go home today and i can say bye to the staff, except for the food here i cannot complain! the staff have been WONDERFUL! most of them remember me from my back surgery and that helps but honestly they have been great, so helpful and kind, understaffed or not they are a super bunch!!

Friday chemo 2 of 6 and let's hope i don't go as deep this time! i don' think i will, i think they know now which meds to give me to make it easier and i am definetly getting the Neulasta injections for my white blood cells, now that i have medical indication to recieve them the inssurance will automatically pay for them, they are expensive, over a 1000 euro each time and i will get them for every chemo.

okay, off to watch some more daytime tv lol! hope to post from home next time.

love & peace x


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can go home today (and it is quite hard typing with my fingers crossed). Hoping everything will go smooth from now on.
    You were missed this weekend, a table full off tilde stuff is quite a bit different than Tanya art! But your health is going first. So sending a whole bunch off good vibes.
    As for the daytime tv, you can watch disney channel, it isn't the most intellectual tv but you get a great disney feel good vibe from it.
    Lots of hugs and greetings.

  2. I so hope you can go home today, you will feel better just for being home I'm sure. You are being very very brave Tania, I am completely in awe of you. Thinking of you a lot and hoping and praying that it all turns out good for you. Sedning you lots of cyber hugs from the UK.
    And you know what? You DO have a pretty skull (I just saw your facebook badge) :-)

  3. My fingers are crossed that you get to go home today. Things are just so much easier to handle when you are in your own space. Thank goodness the insurance has agreed to the Neulasta now. My friend here gets that, too, and it helps her a lot. More HUGS coming your way!!!

  4. YAY, I hope you blog from home next time too! I must say your Facebook mugshot is gorgeous! You really do look great bald! I'm so happy for you and know you'll feel so much better once you get home. Pamper yourself ;-) Happy Valentine's Day and I'm sending LOADS of LOVE.

  5. Good luck with chemo nr 2 tomorrow xxx

  6. We want you to make a speedy recovery. Personally, I miss both you and your art. You were also a great friend when I needed one.

    Now besides being a friend, you are an inspiration. I am proud to be your friend across the sea.

  7. Hope you can go home soon, Tanya. And I wish you lots of courage and a quick recovery! It's so unfair that one person should suffer so many health problems.

  8. Just dropped by to say HI...take good care of yourself!


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