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Monday, 3 November 2008

November already!

oh dear doesn't time fly!

i feel like the year has passed me by without me noticing it at all! of course that is not true when i stop to think harder, a lot did happen this year and of course the year is not over yet and i'm quick to start collecting a year's memories, i know!
and i'm already counting the days until i can put up the Xmas tree!
i 'm such a kid haha! honestly i can't wait to get my old nat king cole & dean martin cd out! old-fashioned Christmas songs, the kids hate them, i play them every year the whole month of December! exept for one year! they hid the cd!!!! i got a copy! and we were back! with a hohoho and a hahaha!

but hey, life does go fast you know! i'll be 41 next month and i still remember turning 40 only yesterday! i'm okay with it all, i'm just saying! i realize i have to live now and not tomorrow!
enough of talk like that! tanya, pull yourself together woman!!

i had a peaceful weekend, rainy weather, pretty gloomy and cold though, i got the fireplaces all lit here in the house, nice and cosy, the kids watching Disney films on dvd, the eldest glued to the computers! and me just having a play at my worktable as usual, i made 2 lay-outs for the Hobbyfarm challenge, i'm part of their Designteam so i make examples every month and people can join the Challenge, it's fun!
i liked the paper i got ot work with!
the idea was to follow a sketch! but if you know me! i see a line and i need to cross it! so maybe my lo's don't even resemble the sketch! well they do a little if you look hard enough :-)
this one is of my 16 year old daughter Debby and myself, photo taken this Summer out in the garden, we were making necklaces out on a blanket on the lawn, it was a great day!
this one is a picture of my youngest, Estée, she's 5 now but this an old picture, she was not yet 3 at the time, but i like the photo so much i wanted to use it for this project

what else did i do?... ah i started another petite doll, a Gothic one for Debby, she nagged me until i gave in, so now instead of shading a pretty face i need to do a corpse colour! what a challenge! but it's turning out fine i think, i'll show it once it's finished.
oh and i played with beeswax! i got this really cheap wooden chest and beeswaxed it! i used copper, red, black and pearl, i used a stylustool to get the wax on and then wooshed it around using my brand new Ranger heattool! i love my heat tool Sue! then buffed it up to an amazng shine! i love the shine of beeswax!!
i like the way it had turned out, i accidentally created some fun patterns, i'll probably add some Grungeboard letters and details and store my little blocks of wax in the chest.

oh yes! i took my son for his first drive on the motorway! i've been teaching him to drive for a few months now, i had to really due to my ankle! i can't drive!!! anyway! his first drive on the motorway, he had been dreading it and i wanted to put him out of his misery! and i did ! he did just fine! and he is so releaved to have done it now! and we drove to Stonemanor, an English store in Everberg, that's near Brussels! i little piece of England! i love it!!! no Flemish only English, only English and some US products, a real expat store!

i loaded up on the teabags, i hate the ones we get here in Belgium! i got lots of Cadbury's chocolate, fruit & nut, flakes, curlywurly, buttons,...!!! sure!!! also cheese, crumpets, a white loaf, thick sliced for the most wonderful toast! digestives with and without chocolate and i bought a beautiful old fashioned jar of Cadbury's biscuits with Crunchie and raspberry delight filling! OMG!!!! they are so deliccccc....

it was a good day! we came home all happy and it felt like Xmas (i know! it's not Xmas yet!!!)
i got the kid's chocolate-filled stockings for XMAS! well i had to!!!! they sell so quick there! :-)

okay i'm hungy now!!! oh it's way past lunchtime so i'm off to make myself a sandwich and a wonderful cup of tea :-)

have a wonderful day! and if you are a mom in Belgium you'll be as happy as i am that the school holiday is over !!! oh the peace and quiet.... i am so enjoying it!!!!


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