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Monday, 10 November 2008

my new shoes!!!

yes yes yes! today is the day! i got rid of my huge ugly heavy walking boot! okay! it was useful! i don't want to sound too ungrateful towards my friendly boot! after all it did help me through the last 9 weeks!!!

but now!!! i have new shoes! well i don't really love them yet, i had to buy this specific type of shoe! doctor's orders really! he said, and i quote! " thick soles, no heels, ankle high, shoelaces, heavy duty, nothing girly! go for CAT or Timberlands" so first off to the medical store to go but support stockings for my foot-ankle-leg! my leg is so thin! no power in the muscles what so ever! so, got the stockings! cost me a fortune but okay i'm not one to complain (am i?...) then off to the shoe shop, i did have a quick look in the women's section and sighed and went on to the Timberland section! i had already decided i needed black ones! and of course, and i kind of already knew this! they only had brown!!! you know natural colours! so after a bit of a pout i did try on the brown ones and the first ones were way to difficult to fit over my swollen ankle but the next were fine, so soft and souple so i kept them on! i walked out with my new brown BOY'S boots! yes! i had to get them from the junior men's section!!!, well it looked a bit like walking haha! i have a strange twist to my step at the moment but it will get better!

i'm happy!!!!

what else have i been up to? my eldest son turned 19 on Saturday so we had cake, played poker the whole afternoon and went out for dinner in the evening, quiet birthday for a 19 year old but that's what he likes to do!

*i made him a birthday card inspired by the latset Tim Holtz November technique, go visit his blog!

*I'm working on my 2009 workshops, working out some ideas, incorperating Ranger products into my ideas, not that that is hard! i'd use Ranger anyway hihi!

*I've nearly finished reading "Pillars of the earth" ohhhh i so don't want to finish it, i hate saying goodbye to a good book! do you know the feeling?

so there you have an update :-)

big hug!!!


  1. hi Tanya, i just love your art!
    is there anything you can't do? amazing eclectic art!!
    and i'm pleased to hear you have thrown the boot out!:-)
    good luck with your leg and speak to you soon!linda

  2. It's hard sometimes to create for the boys/men in our life. Good thing we have Tim Holtz to inspire us. Your son's Birthday card is wonderful.

  3. PS, Tanya I appreciate you adding a link to my blog on yours. I will be doing the same for your blog. Love your art!

  4. Just an amazing boys/men card. Hope your leg is fine now.


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