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Monday, 24 November 2008

what a weekend!!!

what a weekend i had!
first of all i had a great "Be Rangerized"workshop at Hobbyfarm, it went really well!
it was fun to see everyone getting their hands dirty and getting into distress inks, paint dabbers, perfect pearls, Grungeboard...
it was a fun workshop and i am happy to say that i received very nice comments and thank you's afterwards, a very rewarding day and i thank everyone for joining me!

On Saturday evening i stayed in Ghent to take my two eldest out to dinner for their birthday's, Inez is 21 and Bart 19! time flies!!!!

my brother joined us with his girlfriend and we had a fun evening out with nice italian food! Sunday started off a peaceful relaxing day, still in ghent, we were going to the cinema but then decided to stay in a watch a dvd instead, hot chocolate and sweets at hand, i fell asleep during the film as usual and when i woke up an hour later i found it had snowed sooooo hard that it was impossible for me to drive to go pick up my other three kids ! they were about 20km away! looking out the window i saw cars skidding all over the road, people pushing their cars, at least trying to! it was a circus!!! and dangerous!!! i had to stay in ghent another night ! so i just got home a few hours ago to find it was snowing hard here in limburg so i head off to the shops to get enough food in for the next week! LET IT SNOW!!!!

what else? yes! i recieved an award from eveline, a belgian scrapstore owner and a scrapper herself! thank you eveline! hihi !she used to stalk me :-) but that is a different story haha!

The rules:
1. The winner may put the logo on their blog
2. Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3. Nominate 5 blogs for the award.

okay so i'm going to give it to:
Ranger girl! altered artist! we connect! i really wish i lived closer!
my soulmate in spain!!
i simply love this woman! what more can i say?
a wonderful!! eclectic artist!
wish we had the chance to play together.
ohh fairy lisa! sparkles everywhere!
ooohhh i could spend a few weeks with her!
my favourite beeswax artist ever!!! he is really good!!!
a super great guy! really!
i'd love to meet his wife!
why is Arizona soooo damn far away?

there! i passed this award on and hope you check out their blogs! it is more than worth it! get yourself a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of wine, what ever works for you and take some time to
visit these friends of mine!
i'm off to get myself a well earned cup of tea!
hope you all have the most wonderful day, evening, ...


  1. Thanks so much Tanya! Coming from such a wonderful spirit and talented artist as yourself, I am honored. I wish I lived closer too! But hey, if I'm ever in Belgium...I'm so coming over!

  2. Thank You Miss Tanya,
    You are absolutely brilliant, amazing and completely inspiring! I am beyond honored that you thought of awarding me this fab award.

    You're the best!

  3. Hi Tanya,
    Thank you so much for my blog award, you made my day! I love viewing your blog. Your art is so wonderful. I feel like I have been honored by one of the best. Arizona is great this time of year, come on over and let's play.

  4. The workshop looks great and I wished that I lived nearby. Look forward to February.

  5. To my lovely friend Tanya
    Thank you for the award. "My first" says she blushing!!! Maybe now this will give me the push to get some art done for myself!
    with love and hugs
    Playtime next year is getting ever nearer! LOL!

  6. I WAS on the workshop... One of the lucky few !

    My tagbook is growing with the techniques I learned on your four workshops and of the crusades of Michelle Ward.
    Take a look at my latest post on my blog about the last crusade. I think this crusades really are something for you !!



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