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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Fresh start

Clean ,white and fresh beginnings

Happy New Year! i know i'm a little late but there you go.
you all have my best wishes for 2009 but really just for every day of your life!
i got super nice news today! i'was supposed to be demoing at Kars in February but today i recieved a phonecall! Mister Tim Holtz will be doing the demo! I will be doing make & takes together with Chantal Vander Kant. Kind of short notice but what the heck! Tim is coming and that is so SUPER! i'm really pleased! we all have so much to learn from our King of Inks.

so now i'm cooking up a workshop for 18 people at a time, 45 minutes, two full days in a row, adds up to about 320 kits! quite a big deal but i think i've managed to find something cool to do with Grungeboard, inks, paints and masks. can't tell of course!needs to be a suprise for all the store owners! so if you are a store owner and you are going to KKD then be sure to sign up for the FAB RANGER make & take with us!
ohh i played with UTEE and my fab melting pot!!!!
i tried the Leandra beads! pfff at first they looked more like rocks from out of space instead of beads hihi! they were ridiculously huge and misformed! OMG! but my very old-fashioned saying, i use alot in workshops! is: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! so i kept on trying and i did end up with a bunch of beads that can pass as beads. i haven't got them on picture yet! might do that later, on the other hand they may never see daylight. it was fun trying though i do not get the candyfloss movement SUZE! i really don't, you'll have to show me that in real life dear!

i made some cool art with dominos and Utee, first atempt at this, i haven't done much with Utee yet, just the things i learned from Suze at Ranger U
so yesterday i had a play with decorating dominos and applying Utee by dipping and then i decided to pour! ohhh i loved that bit! i have much to learn! i admit! but i love these domino hangers! i drilled a hole in one before pouring the Utee and of course!!! hole filled up with Utee so i need to re-do the drilling but i'm pretty pleased with them.
the silver one is a domino covered with metal foil, alcohol ink, little word thne Utee, and some bedazzles, it looks way nicer in real life, you can see through the layer of Utee and it is such a cool effect.
the other two i applied alcohol inks straight onto the domino and collaged, i added a drop of orange "to dye for" to the Utee to get a cool colour!
now! i'm sure SUZE would do a far better job on this and i'm hoping she will!! and make a video and teach me and you how to do it the right way haha!!
these pictures are not the best, you cannot see all the great details but i couldn't get it any better, i'll try again tomorrow
bye for now!
what's the temp like in your part of the world? in my part of Belgium it is -18 °c at the moment! is pretty cold for this country!!!


  1. Happy new year :-) Hope 2009 is a GOOD year for you. Your dominoes look coool! Wish I could be at your Ranger make and take but it's a bit far to travel LOL Kate

  2. You've been TAGGED!! It's not a bag thing....It means I like your blog!! You are supposed to list 5 things you consider "addictions" and then tag 5 people to do the same. Have fun with it!!

    Love the dominos!

    Currently in Gilbert, Arizona, it's 55 outside with a projected high of 58. We think it's chilly, but we don't whine too loudly!!

  3. What a way to start a new year getting to play with Tim... you are so luck...have fun! Your dominos turned out great.
    It's 7:30pm here in the Valley of the Sun (Arizona) and it's a freezing 56F.

  4. I guess I'm not a shop owner...? Lucky bastard to have the Tim again quite close to see him create...

    congratulations on your workshop ! A lot of work for you, but I think you'll enjoy it !



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