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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

1st of 12 tags of Christmas

I'm going to try and do all 12 tags of Christmas over on Tim's blog!
This is my first one, of course i didn't have the wonderful rock candy stickles or paint so i reallllllly had to improvise on this one! i inked as he suggested, stampedpretty much as he did but then, the rock cand paint!! i covered the whole tag with Crackle accents instead, totally not the same effect but pretty neat actualy, i got some cool cracks evne though i got impatient and tried to speed up with the heattool, don't do that!!!
as you will see my snowman is totally diff but i think it does the trick,
he seems a little pink in this pic but that is my lighting cause he is in no way pink lol.
well, i can't wait to see tomorrows tag, they appear at 9am Belgian time, jsut so you know!
i bought my Xmas tree today so i will be decorating it tonight, fun!!!
and don't forget this:

with alll this generosity going around in blog land could not stay behind!
with Sinterklaas (Belgian kind of santa claus, don't ask more info, i don't know lol), my birthday and Xmas coming up in December i thought it might be time to make a few goodiebags!
goodiebag: all bits and bobs, craft stuff, a little art piece, little!!, just some fun things really!
how can you get your hands on one of these goodiebags?
by commenting on this post!! (the previous post actually)
as easy as that, ok you could start following my blog aswell, wouldn't give you more chance but it would be nice to have more followers, only if you want to of course! haha!
so just leave a comment on this post!
i have five goodiebags, or at least i will when i start making them!
i will randomly pick 5 names next monday

who knows, if there are many names to choose from i might do it all over again next week,
i'll see how it goes

have a good one!
xox tanya ( i actually can spell my name haha)


  1. Your tag looks great!! I haven't had a chance to sit down and start yet, but I'm going to!!

  2. Hey there! I used the Crackle accents on my tag too. I like the way it turned out.

  3. Tanya, this is fab!I didn't have the snowman, so used one of my own stamps...

  4. mooie tag en voor jouw een plezier te doen ben ik volger geworden;-)

  5. I haven't started my tags yet. I will probably get round to doing them in January with time being as it is!!!haha!
    Anyway, your tag is great. Good improvisation.
    Hugs Sue x

  6. I just found this blog
    & I love this tag
    I am a sucker for snowmen
    & an even bigger one for those sort of baroque swirls!


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