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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

if the boot fits!!!

pfff the boot is still on my foot! i had hoped to loose the boot today when i went to my surgeon for my check-up! but no such luck, my ankle is healing but not a quickly as he had hoped...
so the boot is on for at least another three weeks! i can take it off to sleep however , yeah for that! and... i can take it off 3 times a day for 15 minutes, well twice a day and once for the therapy and massage and exercises, starting tomorrow for 4 weeks! hopefully after all that i'll be okay to walk without crutches and maybe be able to drive my car again!

this isn't fun! i'm quite an indepentant person and not to be able to drive and go wherever i want is driving me up the wall!!!
however, i am getting alot of time to play and design and that is precious time really so i should be grateful, maybe my tendenitis is a blessing? yeah sure!!! i'm not that la...di...da... haha! it totally sucks!!!

but hey, a day at a time and before i know it i'll be on the road again!
this is Sue!!
I'm busy making presents for a great lady! someone who i met at Ranger U! she sent me goodies from her shop in Spain , yes! you SUE!! and she really put soooo much thought into what she sent me! all things i love or needed! i was overwhelmed really! it felt like Christmas come early!
so, i'm making presents and enjoying it because i know they will be accepted in joy.

oh and Sue also sent me lots of my lost photo's of New York, we were there together so they are almost like i took them myself! i'm so happy!

Lindy Andersen and me outside of Ranger
Sue and me waiting for the train to New Yorki did take pictures!!!!hoestly! 560 pictures! still stuck on my coffee-smelling harddrive!!New York
here in New Jersey they had wonderful lemon merengue pie!!!!

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