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Saturday, 11 October 2008

jet lag

ohhhh dear, so this is what jet lag feels like! i felt okay up to now, i thought i would be back in my rythme in no time but ohh my! last night i just couldn't sleep! so today i've been stumbeling around like a zombie, still unable to take a good nap ( phone, shopping, ...) i think i'm going to install my self in the sofa, glass of wine, light the fire and relax and draw a little, i bought some wod to do my art on and am looking forward to getting back in to the swing of learning the petite dolls by suzi blu, they won't let me go.

i'm still full of Ranger U though, thinking of all kinds of ways to incorparate the new techniques and products in with my own "out of the box" style, i have a few workshops to figure out and of course they will all be Ranger U related, some of them are already sold out! good!!!

i will be designing some worklshops that can be done at my home, evening classes, if you want to be on the list to be notified just mail at wattstanya@skynet.be i will try(!!) to arrange dates and times to suit the people on my list, so sign up and i'll send details once i have things planned
the workshops will be limited to 4 attendees at a time so there will be lots of time for assistance

okay, off to have dinner and a relaxing evening

bih hug, tanya

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  1. Hi Tanya, Nice to hear from you. You're right, the jet lag thing is awful!!!! I'm getting my act together again now, actually I had to as I was teaching on Saturday. When I figure out how to do the link thing,I will add you to my list.



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