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Friday, 10 October 2008

Ranger U adventure

okay, here goes, i'm back from Ranger, my head totally filled with ideas and techniques, my book filled with comments, my address book filled with new friends, great people i met at Ranger U let me tell you!

Suze and Sue from Art y Fact, spain

Suze and Micheal from Jack & Cat, arizona!!
you must check out jack & cat's blog!!! beeswax art to die for!

i had a wonderful time learning all Suze Weinberg had to show on Utee! i just love ther melting pot!!! i'll be playing with that!

Claudine Hellmuth has the most wonderful paint! i was happy to play with this and i'm going to mix and make glazes for my canvas art! nothing stopping my playtime now!

and Tim, oh Tim! he is such a great educater, they all are, don't get me wrong! but Tim is really something! the way he went on for two full days! honestly, he's good! i learned a lot! i knew alot but i learned alot, i'm more than happy!!!

Tim and me! okay i am tired and it shows!!

we all went home with a beautiful frame filled with Utee examples, a box full of Claudine techniques and 51 tags with Tim's techniques! yes! 51!!! we were all so exhausted after three days! however, we could have happliy went on going, it was fun and we were a big happy family!

i was really lucky, everyone was so helful, getting me my supplies, cups of coffee, bottles of water, sweet(s when needed! i never had to walk around! i had my leg up all day and Jeanne even kept reminding me to take my painkillers :-)
we had a tour of the factory! it was fun seeing how it is all made! respect to the workers there! they are pricless!

we got to meet all the owners and got some of the Ranger history, we even got a look at the very first inkpad made by Ranger back in 1929!!

you know, it is all too much to post in one go so i'll probably come back and tell more when i get the urge

big hug! tanya


  1. hey Tanya! wat een geweldige tijd bij Ranger U! gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe blog. Het zal je vast bevallen. Laat je ook nog wat werk zien wat je bij Ranger hebt gemaakt?

  2. hi linda, ik zal wat foto's maken van mijn Ranger werk als ik weer een beetje aangepast ben en de kids weer normaal doen haha! ze plakken een beetje aan me nu! is normaal hé!

    ik zet je in mijn linklijst, bedankt voor de link trouwens!

    gr tanya

  3. Hi Tanya!!

    So fun to meet you (and hunny , too). had a ball and can't wait for Grad School!


  4. Tanya...it was so fantastic to meet you. I felt like we'd known each other forever.

    Big hugs!


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