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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

dark but happy

Dark but happy, someone said that yesterday
and i thought it was a pretty wierd thing to say so i had to think about it
and ohh dear, today i'm feeling kind of dark but happy, at least i hope i'm happy,
i generaly feel a bit down to be honest, this leg is getting on my nerves! really!
it is getting better mind but i'm becoming extremely impatient, enough is enough!
my physical therapist warned me today not to want to rush things! it won't work he said!!!
i know i know, i'll be good!!!
but really i wish i could just get into my car and have a drive through the countryside i live in,
all the colours are changing and i'm missing it all! it gets me down!!
i love to take long walks this time of year! kick the leaves with the kids, we love doing that! warm clothes, not too cold, no need for hats and gloves just a trendy scarf maybe and off into the woods, kicking the leaves, they make such a wonderful noise, we love it!
we are missing it this year, damn i hate it!!

we are missing Halloween at their favourite themepark, we go every year, collecting pumpkins on the last day, making loads of pumpkin soup and pumpkin fries we are missing that too! the pumpkins are sooooo expensive this year! a tiny little pumpkin, barely big enough for one tiny pot of soup cost me 2.5 euro last week! outrageous if you ask me!

next year i'm getting my own pumpkin patch, that's a plan!

anyway, yesterday i didn't do much artwork, i worked on a petite doll piece for a short while but had to wait for a layer to dry and put it away,i started reading, i'm reading "The pillars of the earth", i bought in New Jersey together with Sue! great book, i had read it many years ago but had forgotten lots of it, i'm older and wiser now haha!

i haven't had a good read in ages, i love books, i used to read all the time, my dad called me anti-social!! apparantly i'd rather sit in my room reading than playing outside! humm sounds like me!

so i am enjoying some reading time, this being a positive note to my discomfort!!

ahhh i got my MOO cards today! Minicards 2.8cm x7cm small, printed at MOO prints in London, go check them out at http://www.moo.com/, it cost me a little over 13 euro to get 100 cards made, all with a different photo on every card, photo's of my own artwork, it was a job uploading 100 pics and then cropping them to size with the Moo software but it was worth the time, they are great! and all my details are neatly on the back of the cards. it took a little over a week to recieve them and they are such great quality, they have a lovely soft sheen and smooth feel to them!

i love them (thanks Inge for the idea!)

so if anyone wants to exchange Moo cards, just mail me wattstanya@skynet.be
same goes for ATC's, if you would like to do a swap, just mail!

here are some of my latest ATC's, looks like i was in a pink mood when i made them!
very rare haha!
okay for today! i think i'm going to sit down at my work table and see what comes to mind, i don't know if i'm feeling creative today but i'll just to let it come to me...or not!
i should get started on some Xmas cards!!!
and i'm making all handmade gifts this year!
of course the kids will get other stuff too but in general for my friends and family it'll be all custom and handmade, that's the idea anyway! must get started! gotta run (limp!)

big hug!

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