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Saturday, 24 January 2009

another checking in before...

another checking in before the madness of a new week begins!

some time ago my little boy accidentally poured a cup of coffee over my precious laptop and those things do not take coffee you know! so bye bye laptop and bye bye over 500 pics of Ranger, New Jersey and New York, so sad!

i got sad news that 'llprobably never be able to get my pics off the laptop so for that i am still sad really but i kind of already had figured that and had nearly come to terms with it!

not that i am giving up,

i might still find some wizkid who knows how to reach them on my harddrive.

anyway! as a single mam with four to feed and crisis all over the world my common sense kind of wouldn't allow me buy a new laptop soooooo i decided to buy a mini version!
a cute little ACER ONE ASPIRE A150
it doesn't do everything my old laptop or my desktop does but it does let me go to internet, skype, facebook, msn, my blog, emails, it has Windows XP on it! yahoo for that! i can still upload pics onto it, so it does pretty much everything i want to do when on the road and away from home! so i'm realllllly happy with it! it weighs 800gr, really light! it fits into my handbag! it really does, so cute! and it is CORAL PINK!!!! so haha! i'm pleased with it!

and i got my hands on all the books following Twilight! i bought them all so i have some fun hours of reading ahead of me when i'm travelling and staying in hotels!

my ankle is less swollen, i fit into my hushpuppie boots once again! i am SOOOOO pleased with that!!! means i can wear a skirt! yes! my Timberlands do not rule my life any longer hihi! I will still wear them most of the time cos they do give more support to my ankle but hey! i can wear a skirt once in a while :-)

and i recieved this award from Nadia
and i recieved this Marie-Antoinette award twice! from Nadia and from Evelien

the idea is to pass them onto others of course!!

I'll have to come back on that when i have more time, at the moment 'm swamped with work!!

a page from my art journal

speak to you all soon!!!

see some of you very soon hihi!


  1. Hey there! Don't go screwing up that ankle again, just because you can! Take it slow...and enjoy the journey!! We won't talk about lost computer files/pics right now...because I can totally relate!! Enjoy the new toy!

  2. goedemorgend tanya
    ziet er weer prachtig uit
    als je is tijd hebt moet je toch eens vertelen wat zo een journal inhoudt

    ps op mijn blogje staat nog wat voor jou

    nog een fijne dat
    liefs Angelica


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