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Friday, 9 January 2009

i've been tagged

i few days ago my Arizona Sheri, http://littleblackscrapcat.blogspot.com/ tagged me, so here i am to share 5 of my addictions and tag 5 other lucky people hihi!

i had a think about my addictions! i have a few, nothing bad but addictions they are

here goes

# 1 i'm pretty addicted to Ranger! not suprised? ohhhh! can't imagine why not! Ranger just seems to do it for me, it's the whole deal ,the products, the range, the colours the packaging, the designers, the people there, it is just up my alley! i love their concept of colour ranges, i love that their products leave so much space for own inventions and purpose.
so i'm addicted to Ranger!

#2 i'm addicted to notebooks, blank notebooks with pretty or not so pretty covers, i don't care, i keep the pretty, i alter the not so pretty! but i need to have a stack of blank books so that i feel i can start a new story whenever a feel like it! i don't collect them , i actually use them, i love blank books. something about starting a fresh one, all possibilities lying open for me to choose.

#3 i'm addicted to CADBURY'S for you who do not know what i am on about, it is English chocolate, the most beautiful chocolate in the universe! i know many will totally disagree and that is okay ( i know better!) i live in Belgium, known for it's chocolate but no!!! i love my English Cadbury's, milk chocolate, fruit & nuts, crunchie, flakes! OMG... hang on! i'm off to get some from the cupboard

#4 Grey"'s anatomy! i'm addicted to that! i loooooooooooooove Grey's anatomy, it makes me cry more often than not but ohhhh i love it! totaaly addicted, i will never miss an episode and i watch again and again on dvd, oh and the music is simply brilliant!

# City of Angels! the film with Nicholase Cage , hummmmmmm........ Nicholase Cage, ..... ohhhhh dear! oh and Meg Ryan. i adore this film! really truly adore this film it makes me cry everytime, every 600 and something times :-) i love watching Nicholas Cage! i think he is wonderful and handsome and yet again, i know many will disagree and go fot Brad Pitt or Goerge Clooney! not me! it me and Nic, his voice! his moves ohhhhhh i'm melting.... sorry! and yet again! the soundtrack is brilliant! one of my fav cd's, even 11 years later!!

so there you have s few of my addictions, now i'm just wondering if my Nic should be at #1?????ohhhh i'll just leave it , you all get the message!

now for the second part, i'm going to tag 5 of my friends to have a think about their "addictions"

Suzi, Sue, Aimee, Michelle and Patty, have fun girls!!!!

oh and i am happy to say that when dear Tim, king of inks is coming to the netherlands, i'm so lucky to de doing a workshop with him the day after the event at Kars! am i lucky or what? anyone just a touch jealous? no? :-)

i'm off to have a quiet weekend, the little ones are at their dad's for the weekend so that means i get to sleep in! yeah sure! i'll be up at 8 anyway!

have a great weekend!

xox tanya


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