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Thursday, 15 January 2009


hiya, i've had complaints about me not blogging these last few days haha! yes! you Sue!

thing is, i've got loads on my plate at the moment. Coming up to February is always a hectic time, lots of samples to finish, workshops, scrapweekend, KKD, article for magazine, just lots to do all in the same 24 hours a day!

i try to fit in some own art time aswell, i do as much creative journaling as i can.

i will share this picture with you! i used it on one of my pages! i love this picture so much it just touches me for some reason. a Belgian friend who is now staying in Goodyear Arizona for a while shared this with me, he took the picture and i'm so grateful for it. so thanks J.

I truly love the sky in this picture, it is scarey and exciting at the same time! how can that little plane just be standing there, patiently,.... i bit like my life at the moment haha! no, i'm not going there just now!

i'll speak to you all soon!


  1. OK Ok I'll leave you in peace as long as you're not busy for too long or we'll all start having withdrawal symptoms.Haha!
    BTW that picture is just stunning
    hugs Sue x

  2. Ya gotta love those Arizona Sunsets!

  3. Hoi, ik zie dat je er ook bij op de KKD!! Wat leuk, als het goed is gaan Bep en ik ook!! Ik hoop je daar te zien!!



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