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Thursday, 22 January 2009

i want to promote this artist!

i would like to take five minutes to promote my friend Sammy Merayah www.myspace.com/merayah he totally Rocks!

okay! i know i'm a rock chick really, but still, his dance sounds even make me move!!

He started making and mixing music at an early age, i know this because he was my neighbour for many years and his room was next to my baby girl's room! need i say more!!!! haha!

i forgive him!

He is doing well as i always imagined he would!

i'm really happy for him so i wanted to give him a mention on my blog!

All artists need support and i wish him great success!

xxxWay to go Sammy!xxx

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  1. hello Tanya,

    I've been to his space.... but it's not my kind of music...
    Anyway, it's great from you to make publicity for a young artist !



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