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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

checking in!

hiya! just a quick checking in !
things are so wonderfully hectic at the moment, tons of work to do, mostly preps at the moment: samples for several evens, kits to make for several events! lots of kits! lists to send, info mails to send, a magazine article to finish, huhhh start really, the idea is still in my creative brain waiting to be put into action.

Every year it's the same, New Year has barely passed, no time to even consider what to do with this new year! no!just full on... straight ahead ...right into action! isn't it great?! I love it!

Mind you! i do feel the stress, sometimes it's a positive incentive to keep going even late at night but some days my body reacts! like this morning i looked at myself in my "be a star" mirror and saw some funny looking things under my eyes! ohhhh are they eyebags??????? oh dear! that's a first! can't have that yet! so this evening i'm setting my alarm to go to bed!!! good idea huh!? so at 10.30 my alarm will tell me to finish up for the night and i should be in bed by 11!! let's see if that works for a couple of days cause this coming weekend is my last "free" weekend in a long time after this it's work work work for weeks on end... i need to keep looking good hihi!
But hectic as it is i do try and stand still once in a while, just long enough to take good long deep breaths, look around me, notice the beauty even it is only from my window! this is the view from my workspace at 8 O clock this morning. Skies seem to be very inspiring to me lately, skies and music...lots of musicwell, as said, just checking in! back to work for me now, i've calculated my to-do-list for today will take me 11 hours to finish so i better get cracking!!! maybe i should set an alarm to eat too? i've got an alarm set for the schoolbus! last week i almost forgot to get the kids from the bus!
okay! hope you are all fine! have a wonderful day! stop to see the beauty!


  1. hoi Tanya, er staat alweer een award voor je klaar op mijn blog:-)

  2. I know how you feel! I rely totally on lists and alarms! Otherwise, nothing gets done, and if it does...it's late!

  3. hello Tanya,

    I completely have the seem feeling... it's sunday and I'm still tired, tomorrow it's work again and I still want to do so much , especially do something creative !!

    Can you let me know which different workshops you are going to give at hobbyfarm ? I can't do them all, but I"ve been on Suze weinbergs site and I hope you teach something like hers...



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