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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

a bit ill!

ohhh i'm feeling a bit ill! not that i have time for this! however the body sometimes asks to slow down doesn't it!,
i got hit by the stomach flu this past weekend! in the middle of my workshops! was up allllllllll night being sick! i will leave out all details! but i ended up laying on a bathroom floor 250 km from home feeling really sorry for myself!
Luckily i had the most wonderful assistant the next day! Astrid took over my workshop whenever i couldn't! i lasted the day but my son was so sweet! he travelled 4 and a half hours by train to come pick me up! he drove back to Belgium for me!
I slept all day yesterday! thought i was okay and then ended up fainting this morning! hit the floor while i was getting the kids ready for school!

Doc gave me medication for my low bloodpressure and took some blood for lab, probably my iron level is way low again causing me to faint, been there! it is nothing major! just need injections or a red bloodcell transfusion and i'll be right as rain again hihi!

it does mean i need to calm down a little hihi! as if that is possible in this crazy time! i have much to do but i will make sure a get to bed on time and try and get some food down me and keep it down me hihi!

no art to show! suprised??? hihi!

this weekend i'll be giving workshops at Kars and meeting tim holtz again, happy happy happy!

not that i want to make anyone jealous!

i could write a thing or two on jealousy though!!! i got ear of some really nasty rumours about me! I'm not going to get into it! i'm not going to let it get to me either! i do think it is really sad though that some people, who don't even know me personally accuse me of things i am not guilty of and are connecting certain events in my life to other events and spreading their twisted outcome!!!! strange combo's, funny!!! if it wasn't so malicious! it's a shame they think they need to harm my professional life though! jealousy is such a bad thing! anyhow! enough on that! i will not let it get to me! i suppose if they are talking about me they must find me important enough to do so haha!
Just another thing to LET GO! i'm good at letting go of nasty things!

now i'm off to nap! like a good girl! following doc's orders!



  1. Lieve schat zoals ik al zei, je moet je er nier druk om maken, en het al helemaal niet je leven laten beinvloeden.

    Als je wil mag je wat bloed van mij, ben ik er maar weer een beetje vanaf ;)

    Ik vond het gezellig zaterdag en hoop je snel weer te zien. Kunnen we weer bijkletsen.

    Liefs en houd je taai

  2. Monique Heijmerink3 February 2009 at 16:21

    Hi Tanya. Ik hoop niet dat je ziek van ons bent geworden zaterdag ;-) Wij waren toch een leuke groep ? Diegene die "kwaad"spreken zijn vast jaloers. Laat je niet "opkloten" door de opmerkingen. Ik zet het woord in mijn woordenboek. Ik heb veel van je geleerd en niet alleen hoe we moeten rangerizen.

    Wat lief van je zoon om je te halen.

    groetjes Monique H.

  3. Sweet dreams!! Hope you are feeling better soon. Yeah - just let the rest of it go. Some people just aren't worth it!

  4. Sometimes even Superwoman needs to take a nap...with all you do, you definitely are in the Superwome category.

  5. Tanya, my dear, i hope you get better quickly!! As for those mean people, blow 'em a raspberry! You're a sweetie and we all luv ya!



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