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Friday, 20 February 2009

checking in!

open roads ahead, they don't scare me! i'm embracing the changes in my life!

hiya! just checking in, i know i've been a little down and less creative these last few days. i'm getting to feel better, i'm feeling pretty uplifted, not having any panic attacks through the night anymore! i am a strong person and will get through anything this world presents me!

i'm getting packed for another weekend of "Be Rangerized" workshops! Something i love doing!

this afternoon i'll be off to the kiddie's school to join them for carnaval! not my favourite pass-time, i'm not really into the whole carnaval thing but they love it so i promised to be there and join them as they go around the village showing off their costumes and then off to their dance party. i'm dreading all the noise to be honest but a promise is a promise and they love me being there so hey! i'll live through it hihi! i'll be brave!! i'll smile and take loads of pics!!

Grey's Anatomy was back on tv last night! dubble episode to start off! ohhh i love Grey's Anatomy so i had a good evening :-) i didn't cry though! usaully i cry my eyes out, guess i've shed too many tears in real life these last days.

no more tears, no more lump in my throat. my youngest kids need a happy mammy! i need to be a happy me! no matter what!

Saturday night i'm going out for a night on the town, a late birthday celebration (my birthday was in December hihi!) my friend L and i live so far appart it is difficult to plan a night out but now we are going out to have some fun! looking forward to it! my son will be driving me home hihi! so no need not to have a couple of drinks! i'm thinking Mojitos yay!!!! well just 1 or 2 cos i am teaching on sunday! i'll be a good girl, i think :-) we'll see... we'll see... wohaahah...

thanks for all the beautiful thoughts you have been sending me! alle the beautiful mails and messages, i feel more than blessed to have some wonderful caring people in my life how ever far some of you might be, i feel surrounded by friendship. thank you!

oh and my anonymous turned out to be SHERRI aka little black scap cat!!! in arizona! xox we kind of "met" through Mike from Jack & Cat, small, small world really!

okay! back to packing!
i hope you can all feel my vibes getting better!
my heart feeling stronger!
my arty hands getting itchy to create again!!

have a wonderful weekend!

xox tanya


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