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Monday, 23 February 2009

good weekend

hi all!

glad the weekend is over hahah! it was a good one! filled with loeds of Ranger fun and education but a heavy one to say the least, lots of teaching, travelling, eating out of the house, and that doesn't go down well with me!

i went for dinner with my friend L on Saturday evening and once again i ended up being really ill, all night! getting up at 7 the next morning didn't leave me much time to feel alot better before i started teaching, but i managed and as the day went on i felt okay! only after the lesson i kind of got hit by a hammer and had a hard time driving home, 2 hours drive, got some coffee and chocolate to help keep me going! but as soon as i got home i got the kiddies off to bed and i was in bed by a quarter past nine myself. i don't know what it is with me and food; i am never ill when i prepare food myself, i use hardly use oil and when i do it's sunflower sometimes but mostly olive, i never use salt, just generally eat healthy even thougfh i do stick frozen pizza in the oven once in a while, they don't make me sick. whenever i eat out i end up ill, really ill, the whole deal! it is frustrating really cos i don't know why? i'm starting to think it has something to do with animal fat or something, maybe food prepared with butter, cream, milk? i don't eat meat as it is, only fish but that is a different kind of fat isn't it? and i did have vanilla icecream for dessert! i don't know but i am going to try and get to the bottom of it cos it is realy difficult seeing that i do eat out quite often.

anyway, appart from that i had a good weekend! a great workshop on Saturday! my ladies all madfe wonderful boxes with a collage of Ranger techniques: alcohol inks, dye inks, dimensional pearls,... we had a fun time and they all went home with a finished box and were all pleased with themselves, they never thought they would get it finished in that time but then they should know better hihi! we get things done!

Sunday i had a shop owner and an educator to tutor, i Rangerized them with 26 techniques and tons of product info, they were over the moon with their tags on a ring, we worked hard! it was fun and a good thing for me to be able to repeat some of what Tim taught me! a good reminder for myself going through it hihi! nothing i enjoy more than teaching Ranger! but you already all know that i suppose :-)

today is my day of rest, the kiddies have a week off school for carnaval but they are off to the after-school-care, having fun with the other kids and letting me have a bit of a rest, i'm picking them up in a little while so that we can still do some fun stuff together today that way they get the best of both worlds hihi! playing with their friends and then some serious mom time!

it is a juggeling job being a single mom but i manage pretty well i think, i hope...

my 7 year old son got into bed with me this morning and told me i am the most beautiful mom he has ever seen. now how's that to start my day haha! he is so cute! hope he stays like that! he'll make some woman happy one day!

see the flowers on this lo? well it seems everone is so into this type of punched circle flowers so i kind of tried my Grungy twist on them, Colorcore, wrinkled, scratched, sanded down, ripped at the edges and a heart of tim's cool sprocket gears and brads, i think they turned out pretty cool :-) icould of put some ink to them, ummm ...well next time...
so yesterday i spent a fortune on circle punches hihi! i have all the Cricuts in the house put spent all that money on old-fashioned punches, i know i'm strange huh! but i love them!

okay! you all have a great day! i've got another half hour before i'm off to my physical therapist so i'm going to do some reading with a cup of tea

byebye! take care! have fun!



  1. I can't imagine why the restaurant food makes you sick. Maybe it's just the sheer volume of fats that are in many of those foods. I hope you figure it out.

    Love the layout with the greens and the circle flowers!

  2. Hello Tanya,

    good to read you had a great time teaching at hobbyfarm ! I missed it, time is so limited for the moment. Even in this vacation I didn't had the time to "just create" :(

    You say you "rangerized" two people... If you ever have a free place for me in such a workshop, could you let me know ?
    I'm mostly interested in techniques and the range of possibilities that the Ranger products have, so I can use them in my own projects...
    So, keep me in mind, please ?

    About the problems with food : I have fybromyalgy since 15 years and the past years I experienced more and more problems with my complete "digestsystem" : i experience a lot of problems after eating fat ( for example in a cheesesauce with gruyère, an icecream, something with cream, Belgian fries...)
    My physical therapist ( ostheopathy) says I must avoid milkproducts and especially cream, cheese,.. no more coffee and no "sugar", no Belgian fries,..:(

    I'm afraid he's right, but it is not easy to follow these advice...
    Maybe you should take a closer look at what you eat exactly on these evenings, so you can figure out what the food has in common.

    Enough about problems... My body causes a lot of pain and problems, but luckily , mostly "the spirit is good" :)



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