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Monday, 9 February 2009

just checking in!

hi! just checking in!
it's been a good few days
my Ranger workshops at Kars are all done! Tim was pretty impressed about the amount of techniques i put in! cool huh! Alain loved seeing all the Ranger stuff on the tables! i had done my best to get loads in to show and educate everyone! Chantal an i make a great team i can tell you that! i'd work with her again any day!!! it was good!
Tim was great too! loads of new stuff to show! his new stamps are to die for! really truly to die for!!! the Grungepaper is brilliant! i can't wait to get my hands on that! i already have ideas of what i'm going to use it for!
Mario was super! he even helped with the preping of the paint dabbers! so for a short while i had my mario hihi! Rangerettes will get me on this one :-) he is so goooood! i like mario heaps! and he wore his hat all weekend like me! we were setting a trend haha! trendsetters mario and me haha!
tomorrow i'll be joining them for the education day!! and according to tim this is actually the follow-up of Ranger U! i mean!!!! hoooowwww cool is that! i'm kind of in an over the moon freaking out kind of mood! i'll hardly sleep tonight i imagine.
anyway! i'm on a stupid scratch card for internet now so i'll go and leave some time to chat to my kids!

talk to you all when i get back!
ohh just for the record! the rumours about me were not spread at Croptime! some of you thought this but no need! it was not there hihi! okay Bep!? xxx

oh and one more thing!! i recieved a really lovely comment from someone anonymous! i would so love to know who anonymous is! i was so pleased and touched by the comment, thank you!!!!

okay! bye for now
xox tanya


  1. Glad your workshops went well. It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Keep up the good work!!! Let us know if you figure out who anonymous is....
    And, hey - how do I get to your Etsy store? Mike P. said you had one now? I don't find a link on your blog...

  2. Ahhh, my dear... now it's your time to shine! Sounds like everything went really well. Soon time to collapse and sleep for days.


  3. Hey Tanya, we had a fun time at Kars I thinkand I'm glad that I met you. See you next weekeend at Hobby Farm. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

  4. You just sound like you've been having wayyyyy too much fun. I'm jealous. lol
    smile. be free. have fun.
    Peace & Love,
    ♥ Barb ♥

  5. ik wil je zeker na vanmiddag, jij weet waar het over gaat, nog even zeggen dat ik je een geweldige meid (en een super mama) vind. wat de anderen ook over je denken, niks van aan trekken.
    Hoe verschillend we ook zijn in ons werk, SCHATJE.... het ging super onze make & take. zoals je zegt als The Master het goed vindt, dan is het ook goed.
    Gaat het allemaal een beetje? Ben je wel veilig thuisgekomen. Probeer, ik weet dat het moeilijk is, maar probeer een beetje tot rust te komen. Al was het alleen maar voor de kleintjes.
    Ik bel je van de week nog wel even.
    Veel sterkte,hugs

  6. Hey Tanya,
    I'm excited for you, it sounds like you are have a great time!

    PS..love the Michael Buble on your play list

  7. Good on you, Tanya!!!! Totally jelous of the extra education time, and having your very own Mario!! Gotta luv that guy.



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