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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

checking in

just checking in!

i have been a bit absent, for several reasons: i'm not really doing much art at the moment, too busy preparing for Paris and other things to be playing and creating for myself.

and... i lost a part of the charger for my camera!!! so the battery is obviously dead and i can't charge so i can't take pics... so i can't put any pics on my blog!!! i have nooooooooo idea what i have done with the part! i had it in my suitcase on my last trip, that i am certain of... i didn't even use it on that trip! but now it is nowhere to be seen! i have checked everywhere i can think of and more! i give up!!! well for today! i would love to load the battery before going to Paris!!! imagine not being able to take pics of Suze and me, Tim and me, Mario and me, okay you get the picture hihi!

what have i been up to? well i've been working on samples and make & takes for SMAC Paris, sunny bright little projects with lots of flower power and glitter! i am covered in glitter as we speak!! it is e-vvvvvvvvvvv-erywhere! i think i'm even breathing in glitter! *cough* yes! glitter!

i recieved this from Mariska it's a top 10 favourite blog award! thanks Mariska
the idea is that i pass it on to my own top Ten favourites!!!

i can't send it back to Mariska, though she is one of my favourites! Evelien already recieved this from Mariska si i won't send it to her though she too is one of my favourites!

you know what??? i suggest you give everyone on my blogroll a visit!!! they are after all my favourites!!!

i recieved this friends badge from my lovely Arizona art pal Sheri!!! we have never met in real life (yet!) but we got to know eachother through Micheal aka jack & cat, my favourite beeswax guy evver!! his wife is an artist too, they are so lucky to be able to work together! they make cool stuff ( check them out if you haven't already!) they are on my blogroll

anyway, here is the friends badge

These are the guidelines that came with the badge:
"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind writers."
When you pass the award along please include these guidelines. I am to choose eight friends to share this with.
again a very difficult task!! who do i choose? i have lots of online art friends who blog! not all of them are on my blogroll because some of them are only in dutch and not understandable for the rest of the world! that is the only reason you are not on my roll my flemish and dutch pals!!! i can't put links up that my visitors won't be able te read.

having said this, i get complaints that my blog is only in English!!! and not in dutch too! pfff i know my friends but at the end of the day, i am english! it is easier for me to write english even though my dutch is just as good, and then the fact that it is all a bit time consuming for this single- self-supporting- working- sometimes tired mama- artist, you understand? don't you? hope you all do cos it is just not do-able for me to do two languages.

my 8 friends i want you to check out!

Sue, she is soooo my pal!!! my mate! my friend! i can't wait for my visit to her in Spain in April!!

Kate, northern lass like me! i love her ATC's, check her blog out!

Barb, she is going for her dream even though it is not always easy!

Michelle, my Jersey Shore girl! wish i was closer! i know a great place for cocktails in Long Branch!! :-)

Evelien, well, what can i say? she used to stalk me, you know? !she is okay now hihi

Suzi, a wonderful wacky artist with a heart and soul i love! she is moving to San diego as we speak! go girl!!!

Margie, i just met her a few weeks ago! but i love her vibe! doors will open!!!

and last but not least

Tim he shares and supports like no other! he deserves to be on my list! i know he hasn't got time to pass this one, he is on his way to Paris it this very moment!

did i mention that i am going too?! did i? haha

so that was it for now, back to my samples, packing my bags, getting the cupboards and fridge filled, ironing to be done, bills to be paid, dog to be washed! he smells!!!! i don't know what he has been up to! pffff

hope you are all having a wonderful sunshine-filled day, like i am!

xox tanya


  1. Oh Tanya...you are such a doll. No wonder I adore you so very much! *Hugs* and huge Thanks! *muah*
    Peace & Love,

  2. Thanks for my blog award Tanya
    So looking forward to April....and we have cocktails here in Spain too - can't remember which ones we had in Long Branch but I am sure we will find some to our taste ha!ha! Have fun in Paris xxx

  3. hi Tanya, thank you for the friends badge:-)
    love you too:-)
    your favorite stalkster


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