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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

oh dear i got tagged

oh my goodness! Sherri tagged me! i have to take a picture of myself right here, right now, as i am, no doing up my hair or putting on a bit of make-up first! no!!! just take a pic and post!

and i am lazing in the sofa with my mini laptop on my knee,so tired, combination of having a super cold and having been to the trade show in Paris, this is going to be a great picture! but fair is fair and i play by the rules so here i am... i sight for sore eyes! (more like a sight tot cause sore eyes hihi!)

so now i will pass this on and tag some others and challenge them to do the same!

Sue ***Evelien***Mariska***Kate***Barb

have fun with this girls!!!!

okay! i'm off to get my stuff sorted for the my workshop.it's going to be a long day and a short night! i'm due in court tomorrow morning for my divorce and it is a few hours drive due to traffic around Brussels so i'll have to get up really early to avoid getting stuck and turning up too late!

i am not looking forward to tomorrow but i suppose it is just another step in the right direction and it needs to be over and done with! no use getting myself worked up about it all.

xox tanya


  1. Kwens je veel succes morgen!!


    Ps, je foto valt reuze goed mee :)

  2. Thanks for playing along, Tanya! I think you look fabulous despite being ill, tired and spun out from the weekend!!

    Tomorrow must seem rather daunting, but in the end, it should be the end. And a new beginning. After tomorrow put it behind you, start fresh, move on. Sending my thoughts your way!!

    Are you still floating, just a little... ;-)

  3. strenght tomorrow !

    The selfportrait isn't so bad, but you do look tired...



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