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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

wonderful sunshiny day

it is such a nice day today,
the Sun is shining, the Skies are blue,
pretty fluffy white clouds floating by.
tiny buds visable on the trees,
snowdrops hanging their heads so pretty and shy
yet proud and far stronger than one would expect!
daffodils are coming soon! i can see them peeping through the soil.
in the house all my orchids are budding and blooming!
so pretty!
my heart feels liking leaping and singing and dancing,
all at the same time.
the Sun warms my heart, makes me feel everything is possible,
all will be okay, all is okay!
i've been working on some really colourful projects for Peel-off for SMAC Paris and yesterday i had a make & take with a small version of one of my projects and everyone went home cheerful because of the colours we used! i loved it!
putting smiles on so many faces made me forget how much pain i was in!
because i've been working on projects that i can't show just yet i have no art to show.
my head is full of ideas, i want to make some soldered collage memory frames,
i want to beeswax my tim holtz stampcases,
i want to draw dolls, i want to do pages in my journal,
i want to get some paint on my fingers, some glitter or gesso in my hair...
but... i still have loads to do for SMAC so i need to work and not play ...
anyway, i hope you are all having a great day!
i know some places over in the US are having some beautiful snow hihih!
and that is great too!
but i am enjoying this feeling of Spring that is in the air today here in Belgium!
taking deep breaths of fresh air.
filling my lungs with pure happiness and joy for life!
enjoying the moment.
i have a few other reasons for feeling happy and blessed
but just let's leave it at the Spring feeling making me happy and cheerful hihi!
have a good one! xox


  1. You do sound so happy!! Could it be that someone has returned from across the puddle?? Enjoy your spring weather. We are already cracking 90 here in AZ!!! A little early for me!!

  2. Signs of spring gives a lot of energy. Played a lot with the craft sheet and ink, thanks for a the info. Have something nice for you at my blog.


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